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NY Giants Team Needs in 2010 Draft

Let’s formally list the team needs of the NY Giants as they head into the 2010 NFL Draft.

For starters we can look at NFL.com Pete Kirwan’s breakdown of AFC teams and NFC teams.  The most need for the Giants is with the linebacker unit.  Until Sintim, this unit wasn’t touched in round 2 of the draft since 1993.  Of all the teams listed by Kirwan and positions of need, LB is a top 3 need for 11 of 32 teams.  2 teams, the NY Giants and Denver Broncos, have OLB and MLB/ILB as 2 of 3 top needs. So wouldn’t that increase the probability that an LB will be drafted in round 1?  Or is there another position that we may be overlooking?

While we wait for Pete’s draft board, we’ll use Wonder’s to look at what is available at these positions of “need:”

Position Player Ranking Value Position Player Ranking Value
MLB Rolando McClain 7 13 OLB Sergio Kindle 9 18
  Daryl Washington 23 34   Jerry Hughes 12 27
  Brandon Spikes 98 120   Sean Weatherspoon 13 29
  Sean Lee 112 134   Brandon Graham 30 41
  Phillip Dillard 129 150   Navorro Bowman 73 98
  Pat Angerer 142 164   Thaddeus Gibson 81 108
  Jamar Chaney 130 151   Stevenson Sylvester 84 111
          Koa Misi 108 130
OT Trent Williams 5 7        
  Mike Lupati 10 19 CB Kyle Wilson 14 20
  Bruce Campbell 34 44   Devin McCourtey 18 30
  Anthony Davis 37 46   Joe Haden 21 30
  Bryan Bulaga 42 48   Patrick Robinson 32 43
  Charles Brown 43 50   Kareem Jackson 38 47
  Rodger Staffold 49 70   Dominique Franks 52 73
  Selvish Capers 88 114   Perrish Cox 65 93
  Jared Veldheer 95 118   Amari Spievey 75 99
          Chris Cook 77 101
DT Dan Williams 40 47
  Brian Price 44 53
  Tyson Alualu 50 71
  Cam Thomas 51 72
  Lamarr Houston 59 85
  Terence Cody 60 87
  Linvai Joseph 69 96
  Mike Neal 83 110
  Torell Troup 92 116

Note there are 2 valued near 15: McClain at 13, and Kindle at 18.  Yet if we look at Wonder’s and NFL House’s LBers rankings of immediate impact players, the odds of getting one in the 2nd round are much lower.  From Wonder’s list we have McClain valued at 13 to Brandon Graham valued at 41.  In addition, NFL House has McClain at 6 to Jerry Hughes at 38.  Yet they have Daryl Washington listed at 66.  If the Giants do not trade out of their pick/s and move up or move down, they look to be picking where the LBers are not.  Weatherspoon can help the LBers get better, but is that the answer at 15?  The Giant could easily go for another position of need and better value.  How many of you are comfortable with a linebacker roster of Boley, Goff, Sintim, Kehl, WilkinsonSmile and Blackburn this coming season? 

Glenn had a great post the other day, “Picking Reese’s Brain”.  He listed the transition and continuity of the NY Giant GM philosophy.  Glenn separately noted an interesting pattern that may reveal their strategy going into the draft.  He pointed out that the Gmen drafted OL In 1988 with the first 2 picks of the draft and in 1999 they drafted OL in the 1st and 5th.  Last year they possessed 3 picks in the first 2 rounds and picked Beatty in round 2.  McKenzie has shown signs of aging and injuries the last 2 years, Seubert is not a spring chicken anymore and Diehl as we all know is not a natural LT.  All this points to a very high probability that they will draft an OL with at least 1 of their first 2 picks.