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NY Giants Training Camp- Day 5

More observations come in about how the Giants are doing in Training Camp.  What does it all mean?  We’ll try to answer that question.

On the heels of yesterday’s blog, where seemingly every report is singing the praises of one player after the next, what should we be paying attention to and what should we be ignoring?

The answer from Wonder was quick, simple and straightforward:

Pay attention to:
1) Injuries. – This one is obvious, but it is included to show how little else there is besides this, since (3) is not applicable for many teams.
2) Rookies and UFA rookie signings. – The information on the margin here is far more significant than most other developments.
3) New coaches/schemes. – For the Giants, this means Fewell.

Do not pay attention to:
1) Team websites.
2) Veteran players.

So interestingly, for Giants fans, we are the exception to the rule this summer.  There is a lot more to watch and observe because Fewell and the defensive schemes are new. Also, with so many injured players last year, watching the progress of guys like Ross, Alford and Bulluck (to name just a few) is meaningful.  

It is worthwhile to note that Bradshaw practiced twice in one day.  It is not worthwhile to make dramatic conclusions from that one item alone.  See the last bullet point below for an observation, that together with the two-a-day, becomes more meaningful for us.

Second year players like Nicks (toe) and Barden cannot be called veterans yet by any stretch, so they are good to watch.  Once again, the early comments on Barden are important, but we need to see that physicality and aggressivenees in games for confirmation that there has been improvement.

A friend of “I Bleed Blue” was at both practices yesterday.  He passed along these comments to us:

  • Fewell is extremely enthusiastic. He high fives and jumps around when a DB makes an interception. 
  • Aaron Ross looks terrific. 
  • Sintim broke up a play down the sideline to a wideout.
  • JPP blew around the tackle (Diehl?) to tackle a back (Ware?) in the backfield
  • Gilbride ran a lot of reverses & end arounds
  • Sorgi was intercepted by Rolle
  • Later Barden made a great catch from Sorgi
  • So impressed with Fewell. He is very vocal and screams all over the field.  The players seem to respond to him.
  • Antrel Rolle finished off evening practice with a pick of a Manning pass to Steve Smith, and then returned it for a touchdown.  Fewell chases Rolle down the field…love this guy (Fewell) so far
  • Will Beatty gave up a sack to Kiwi and then got beat by Tollefson, prompting a chew-out by line coach Pat Flaherty.
  • Ahmad Bradshaw looks very good. He is moving well and doesn’t look like he even had any surgery. That is good news for all of us.

Garafolo reports that Hagan and Petrus shined in the first full-pads practice of Giants camp.  This blog has been upbeat from the start on Petrus.  Pete loved the pick, as at R5 he was great value for where he had him, squeaking into his Top 100.  No victories yet, Pete, but good early signs on your Guard. 

Summary: Keep watching all of the players returning from injury and surgery last year.  Some look good (Ross, Bradshaw) and some do not (Alford).  Keep watching Fewell’s defense, how passive or aggressive it is.

One last note- there is a chance yours truly will be in Albany for Saturday evening’s practice.  We’ll see if that happens.  If you are in Albany, let me know.