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NYG 17 Buffalo 13

It’s the first preseason game.  Who looked good:

1) Damonster got a sack and a pressure.  He’s flashing.. we will look for more from Moore.

2) Nassib looked much better than at any time in 2013.  His pass to Washington for a TD was the eye-catching stat, but more importantly he was in command and helped move the ball, completing 7/12 passes.

3) McAdoo’s offense got the ball moving.  This NY Giants blog just loved the 2nd drive from scrimmage’s first playcall, a screen to Jennings.  Amen.  Hey, it’s going to take time, folks.  But it looks like a fresh start.  Cris Collinsworth was very positive about what he saw, and for where we are at Preseason Game 1, it looks fine.  We heard all about how the defense was way ahead of the offense in training camp.  But from what we saw, it was progress and we are grateful for all execution at this early juncture.

4)  Bowman is going to knock Hosley out of a job and possibly off the roster. Deflects one ball for an INT at end zone.  Then intercepts a second ball in the end zone for another turnover.

5) Andre Williams looks better in one preseason game as a Round 4 draft pick than David Wilson has  looked since taken in 2012.  FACT: the Giants draft RB very well in later rounds.  FACT: RB is not the place to invest resources in the 21st Century NFL in Round 1 of the Draft.  The Gmen have found their back to complement Jennings.

5a) The Giants were able to run the ball well. Hynoski helped in FB blocking.

6) The TE’s did a solid job of moving the ball and getting completions.

7) Jernigan, after an early drop, helped the Giants offense get back on track, making a key catch en route to a TD drive.

8) Lots of balls batted at the line of scrimmage by the Giants Defense.

9) Coughlin: “Good effort.”  Good clean preseason win.

10) Michael Strahan encircled by the entire 2014 squad pregame. WE STOMP YOU OUT!

What did not look good:

1) The right side of the OL did not do a great job.

2) Hosley got undressed.

3) Punt block and another almost punt block.

4) Eli got sack stripped, blocks were not held long enough. (Schwartz was guilty on that play.)

Let’s keep watching Damontre Moore, Andre Williams and others for impact.  McAdoo’s new offense is off to a reasonable start.  Can we see some JPP pressure, or at least learn if JPP can turn the corner?