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NYG 23 DET 20 OT

"Here, you have the game."

"No, I don't want it, I am awful.  You have it!"

"No thanks.  Don't go telling me you're awful. I'm awful too.  You have it."

"I just said I didn't want it. You have it…"

For those of you who chose to miss the game and merely get a recap here, you're smarter than me.  This kind of misery just isn't worth it.  The Lions have lost 5 of the last 6 games.  I can't figure out who is underachieving more, the Lions or the Giants, but it's certainly close. 

Rich Eisen of ESPN: "My brain is melting watching this Giants-Lions game."

Here's the quick synopsis.  Gilbride's strobe light flashed on in H1.  He made some good playcalls by going to the short passing game.  The Lions did not show up with any energy and shot themselves in the foot many times.  Calvin Johnson was mostly ineffective, playing hurt.  At Halftime, the Giants led 13-3 and then Detroit decided that if they played a little football they could win, so they showed up for ~20 minutes and took the lead 20-13 off of 2 TDs, a 2 pt conversion and a Safety in between.  Then, right on cue, Daryl Johnston asked aloud when would Detroit capitulate and blow yet another Q4 lead, which they promptly did. Stafford through a pass which was deflected into the hands of streaking Will Hill, who returned it to the house.  Tie score.  Both teams then blew numerous opportunities to close out the game until the Giants kicked a FG midway through OT.  

Here is the part that sickens me.  Yesterday at ~830AM I get in my car and turn on the radio.  On pops WFAN, and I have to listen to Paul Dottino tell me that none of the Giants coaches deserve to get canned or will get canned at the end of the season.  I mean, after all, this is their first losing season.  It simply nauseates me that such palpable underachievement will get glossed over in a 7-9 season and that no change will take place.  We are all strapped in for mediocrity.  I will have to listen again to Jerry Reese put more lipstick on this pig of a season and insult us fans by telling us how close we are.  How we finished 7-9.  How we beat the great Redskin implosion twice, the Freeman, the mcl sprain Pryor, the Tolzien, the Barkley, and the underachieving Lions.  Aw schucks.  My pile of dung is slightly higher than your pile of dung.  We will conveniently forget that whenever we played against any team of CREDIBLE credentials, that we got roasted alive.  Outside of the putrid NFC East, the Giants were 0-5 and lost by a combined total of 160-51 to teams headed to the playoffs.  Put lipstick on that, Jerry.  But somehow, this team is 2 wins away from going 9-7 and winning another Super Bowl title.  That is the logic that they are going to feed me next Monday when the season is over.  

You and I know better.  

The Gilbride strobe that "flashed" with a good gameplan early in this game is PRECISELY the indictment we are talking about.  It takes this OC a half a season to adapt and then we are supposed to congratulate him for getting it right?  As we tweeted to Dottino yesterday, it's only when the tide goes out that we discover who is swimming naked.  Gilbride is overmatched the moment he hits any adversity, and the Giants need a new Offensive Coordinator that can lift up the backside of Manning's career. Manning is in his prime right now and all we are getting is dog breath.

7-9.  The new mediocrity.  70% of parents think their children are above average.  100% of Giants personnel think their coaching staff is aok.