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NYG 23 MIN 7

In the land of the blind, the team with cataracts is king. 

This game set the NFL back about 30 years.  Someone had to win, and mercifully for the Giants, it was them.  The Giants made less mistakes than Minnesota and came out on top.  Woof. 

The defense played well, pitching a shutout.  Adrian Peterson was held in check, and Josh Freeman's first start as a Viking was … mostly ugly. 

Eli got the job done, with no INTs and protection of the ball… most of the time.  It was not a great game, but like the Giants win, it was a start. 

I am so tired of Gilbride. Let's all be thankful that at least he opened up the game with small ball, which set the tone.  The Giants got a FG and controlled the ball for ~9 minutes.  I was told via twitter that it was the first opening drive of the year where the team scored points.  Fitting.  For Gilbride, the abysmal attempts at running a screen, the (FRUSTRATINGLY TOO RARE) intentional checkdown that generates a successful first down, the pathetic RRRK Prevent Offense for -2 yards… the Giants win despite him.   

Please be merciful on me, your loyal NY Giants blogging friend, and do not make me recount all of the special teams adventures that we witnessed.  It was frightening.

Jared Allen is a menace.  He delivered one of the hardest hits on Eli I've seen in years.  And on another play, while his arms were wrapped around Will Beatty's body, he sacked Eli with nothing but his hands.

Peyton Hillis may not have speed in the open field, but at least he hits the hole hard, and his second effort which led to a 3rd down conversion was special. 23 touches, 81 yards, 1 TD. Not bad for a first game in blue. 

Okay, the opponent was awful.  The Giants were less awful and got a win.  Let the season begin.  For one week we can take the bags off of our heads.