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NYG 27 GB 13

Mirage or Makeover? The resurrection of the NY Giants 2013 season continues with another win, a 4 game win streak and a 4-6 record.  This was arguably the best and most complete game of the season for the gmen.  You suit up against the other team and you play the game.  The fact that the Giants played vs a Packer team depleted by injuries to Aaron Rodgers and Sam Shields (their best CB) is part of the game.  The Giants defense has given up one (real) TD in the past 18 quarters.  How much more can you ask of the the D?!

JPP still is not getting to the QB.  But we saw some big JPP mojo with a pick 6 off of a flare.  Even better, JPP allegedly predicted the INT in the huddle before the snap. 

Andre Brown and Brandon Jacobs got it done again.  Brown carried the ball effectively, and Jacobs got 3 short yardage conversions: 2 1st downs on 4th down conversions AND 1 TD at the goal line.  Brown's return to the roster has had ripple effects all over the team, as it has helped give the offense more balance and allowed play action to return to the list of playcalls. It has even allowed the beleaguered OL to hold it together, even if just barely.

Let's spend a couple of moments applauding the efforts of Victor Cruz.  He fought in the offseason for big money, got the payday, and could have been the first one to get hurt or tank it with the bonus in the bank.  But he has been the most consistent player on the entire team this season.  What a contrast to that of Hakeem Nicks, who is mostly invisible. 

Tony Siragusa remarked how the acquisition of Jon Beason has completely transformed the defense. Shocking!  NOT.  The last time we checked, Linebacker was still a position in the NFL, and the remark is simply more evidence that the Giants LBer corps was wholly deficient.  As we have noted in previous blog posts chronicling this makeover from 0-6, the additions of Will Hill (suspension), Beason (acquisition) and Brown (temporary IR) are a big reason for why the team is competing.  It does not hurt that the team has not faced a real QB in the past 4 weeks, but the Giants have held serve and have fought their way back into this season.

Here is the nagging mirage problem- The Packers had 4 sacks and the Giants Defense had none.  Tuck, for his part, has been generating pressure.  And Fewell used a few blitzes to keep up the pressure.  But the 4 man rush has been getting less than the needed pass rush in order to win when the competition gets tougher. 

On the OL, we watched as Beatty had another penalty and sack allowed (it could have been more, did not have complete count).  There will be tests coming up.   

Dallas is next week.  You can bet MetLife Stadium will be rocking.  You can bet the Giants players will be sky high.  This is the single biggest game of the season, if that is possible for a team that was 0-6 and facing elimination on a weekly basis. The Giants have earned themselves a new shot.  It is up to them to make the most of the opportunity.