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NYG 27 KC Chiefs 16

Another good win over a bad opponent.  The story for this team in 2009 is that they are buying time before the season really starts, getting guys back healthy and having newer guys (specifically at Safety) learn the schemes.  The way Eli walked off the field we have to assume at this moment that his foot injury is not significant.

The Good

1) Eli to Smith.  Great combination.  Smith is so reliable.

2) Nice Defensive effort.  All around good defense.  Good pressure on the QB, 5 sacks, lots of hurries and knockdowns.  Once again this is a college offense out there, a gift.  But the Giants did their jobs. 2 for 15 on 3rd down.

3) Michael Boley– He is getting physically better and is learning the defense to the point where he is starting to make plays.  His speed in the LBer corps is noticeable on coverage and he is easily the best pass rushing LBer we have.

4) Play action whenever it is called.  The first red zone TD was off of play action.

5) The catch and run TD by Hakeem Nicks.  Ices the game.  This guy has a nose for the end zone.  We saw him create at the end of preseason and he did it again in his second game as a pro.

6) Jacobs when he runs in between the tackles.

7) Kehl on special teams– a) causes a fumble b) recovers fumble c) recovers onside kickoff at start of H2 

The Bad

1) Eli to Mario.  This is has the explosiveness but the timing is missing.  We said in preseason (and were joined by Carl Banks similar remarks back then as well) that  Eli Manning had to adjust to MM’s quickness out of his breaks.. he is throwing BEHIND Mario.    

2) Mario Manningham dropped too many balls.  Even the 43 yarder he pulled in was a juggle.  Catch the ball.  And when Manning is throwing the ball behind you, TFB, make that catch and bail Eli out or else it will end up an INT.

3) Lack of pocket contain.  Yes, Cassel is not the most mobile QB after being hurt, but nonetheless, the gmen left the doors to the barn wide open on numerous plays for the QB to escape easily.

4) Lack of Play action calls. This is so effective. Every team respects the Giants run so much, so the fact that it is used so sparingly is maddening.

5) The prevent offense in Q4.  RR__K.  Predictable time killing brings the offense to a halt in a game that is over, but we still needed some help from the defense to end the game when it didn’t need to be this sloppy.

6) Jacobs when he runs outside of the tackles.

7) Poor challenge by Coughlin of Alleged MM catch in Q2.  We noted that the call would not be overturned, it was not overturned and the spent timeout could have been used to turn a 3 into 7 at the end of H1. 


1) Sinorice Moss on punt returns.  He let so many balls drop in and roll for so many yards.  Make the fair catch and end the play.

2) Lawrence Tynes.  The only confidence I have is that he will miss.