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NYG 27 Washington 23

What a thrilling game.  Of course, my heart did not need it to be that thrilling.  But the Giants like to make things interesting.  A thorough recap of the game is practically impossible, given all of the craziness that took place seemingly every possession.  Each team missed so many opportunities to wrest control of the game away from the other.  It was only fitting that, at the end, we would see two lead changes inside of 19 seconds of play. 

After RGIII hit Moss for what every Redskin fan felt was the dagger TD, I tweeted: "Eli- u have stunk it today, time to bail yourself and the #nyg out here."

Bail us all out he did!

The 77 yard TD to Victor Cruz was sensational.  Victor Cruz is sensational.  Eli Manning's sloppy (at time horrendous) play cost Cruz at least one if not TWO other touchdowns earlier in this game.  Add two INTs by Eli and I will say unequivocally that it was VICTOR CRUZ WHO BAILED US ALL OUT TODAY.

The Giants defense was a sieve.  Two (or three?) huge penalties against the Redskins negated scoring opportunities, huge injuries, and huge turnovers exposed the Giants, without which they do not escape with a win.  Indeed, the Giants defense was still exposed, especially the LBers.  The defense missed a fast Jacquian Williams and a healthy (unhamstrung) Keith Rivers.  With those two and 4 healthy legs, the Giants LBers are going to keep this RGIII offense more in check.  Either way, it was a handful.  

Win and move on.  The Giants won and will move on.  With a healthier set of LBers and Eli Manning making less boner passes, the Giants should be ok.  One thing that is not okay is Victor Cruz.  He is simply spectacular.