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NYG 44 Moss 7

Clinic #3. There is not much new after the past 2 weeks vs the Bucs and Chiefs.  The Giants played a great all-around game. The Raiders played terribly and Russell simply does not protect the ball.  The Giants deserve some kudos for executing and getting a very nice quality win despite plenty of injuries. Remember, this team is still without Canty, Ross, Boley and Boss. 

The Good

1) Ahmad Bradshaw. 10 rushes for 110 yards. 1 screen pass for 55 yards.  Do you think he deserves to be a BIG part of this offense?!! Wonder wants to know if the NFL just passed a rule allowing the Giants to call a screen pass.
2) Eli Manning ruthlessly efficient.  His passes to Smith for 43 yds and Manningham for  a 30 yd TD were extremely accurate. 
3) OLine protected Manning and Carr.  0 sacks.
4) The entire defense pitched another shutout.  The punt muff by Moss which set up Oakland at the 15 yard line was the only reason why this opponent scored today.
5) Thomas, Tuck and Kiwanuka all had sack/strips which resulted in turnovers. Tuck had 2 sacks total.  Justin Tuck was everywhere on run defense too.  He and Webster are the stars of this unit.
6) Tynes 3/3, and his kickoffs were deeper than in past games. Uptick.
7) All of the receivers including TE Johnson did well for the team.  Nicks with a TD grab. 
8) Goff all over the place with too many special teams plays to count. 

The Not So Good

1) Brandon Jacobs has not been nearly as effective in the running game as he was last season. He is still somewhat tentative, he bounces out wide too too often.  Captain George says this is because he is not getting the holes like he did last year.  In response, we’d counter that Bradshaw seems to have more than enough holes in fewer carries.

The Ugly

1) The muffed punt by Moss set up the Raiders at the 15 yard line, the only score they made all game.
2) Some very poor officiating inside of this game which did not matter in the end.  Steve Smith pushed off and did not get called for Pass Interference. He got a pass interference call which was ticky tack in his favor.  And the stripped ball by CC Brown which was not called was weak as well

All in all, another nice win on our way to the beginning of the regular season next week in New Orleans.  Coughlin runs a mature and savvy team that knows how to win and knows how to dispatch bad teams.  It is another matter entirely whether the injury-riddled players can carry this over to a game against the more formidible opponents.  We’d feel a lot better about our chances with Boley and Canty, but for now we can enjoy the moment at 5-0 and have all week to talk Saints. Oh yah, one more thing, HOW ABOUT THEM BRADSHAWLICS?!!!