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NYG at DAL tonight

The Giants got dropped last week and are still hurt and undermanned. The consensus sees problems with the gmen, that the mounting loss of players is taking its toll. The Giants are a lot better team than they showed last week, so if they have been playing with (1) concentration and purpose all season, what do you think we are going to see from the (2) road warriors tonight (3) coming off a loss (4) playing Dallas? There is not a single doubt in my mind that the Giants will be ready for this game.. is there any in yours?! Addendum 855am.. Let me be clear about it: the Giants will win the game. Why? the Giants have every reason to lose the game, the Cowboys have every reason to win it. But I just heard from Emmitt Smith (who is one of the weakest sports commentators, not to mention a Dallas blohard) that he likes the Panthers now as his favorite out of the NFC. After one loss, the Giants ship is sinking! NOT! Ridiculous. I heard the expression, you are only as good as your latest at-bat, but this is ridiculous. This is the same team as a weAk before, except Toomer, Smith, Boss and Hixon are not going to drop their passes, Manning will be able to throw the ball all four quarters, and when Wade Genius puts 8 men in the box today, the Dallas secondary will get roasted.