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NYG Seeding

DON’T worry about tonight’s game…the ONLY game that matters is next week when we host Carolina..IF we lose to Carolina, THEN and only THEN will we risk losing the #1 seed…IT doesn’t matter if we lose to Dallas AND Minn the last week..and finish 12-4…we will still be the #1 seed as long as we beat Carolina…and both finish 12-4…the other “risk” is Tampa Bay..and if they run the table to 12-4, they win the division over Carolina as long as we BEAT Panthers…however, WE get the #1 seed over TB b/c of the 4th tie-breaker, “strength of victory”..we tie them with w/l % at 3-2 against common opp even if we lose to Dallas AND Minn…and we would have same CONF. record at 9-3…so root for da bears…