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NYG-WASH intragame commentary, note Bradshaw and Robbins out

K Lawrence Tynes
WR Plaxico Burress
CB Sam Madison
RB Ahmad Bradshaw
LB Jonathan Goff
T Adam Koets
DE Jerome McDougle
DT Fred Robbins

Hixon is gimpy, he is certainly going to be an integral part of this game. Moss and Manningham better be ready, they will see playing time too. Surprised McDougle was deactivated when Robbins was unable to go. That early Bradshaw injury vs Ariz was more significant than we thought, hope is it precautionary. Ware/Droughns could see some action depending on how healthy Jacobs is. Ward can handle most of the load, as was done last week. Marvelous: “If we win today w/o all of these players, with Hixon less than 100%, my hat’s off to the Giants, it would be a tremendous win.”