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NYG 24 TB 0

That was a clinic. Of the good kind. Tampa Bay is a bad team, but all wins are good and any road win is a very good win. Ring it up, collect, next. Buying time for the team to heal up. But unfortunately McKenzie (knee) and Seubert (shoulder) left the game. So while some get better, others get hurt. Otherwise a very good all around performance.

1) The Defense shut down Tampa Bay so badly that they took 40 minutes of game clock to make their first 1st down. Props to Sheridan and the DL for cleaning up and fixing their lanes.
2) The offense improved in the red zone, 3-5. Some sloppy playcalling but you have to accent the positive, which is IMPROVEMENT.
3) Bradshaw got 104 yards on the ground. 7.5 avg per carry. He makes the most of his opportunities. Coughlin: “Yards after contact, he was EXCEPTIONAL.”
4) This kid Bruce Johnson is playing well, came up with two stops on 3rd down, even when he got beat in garbage time he was right on the ball.
5) Steve Smith and Mario Manningham get separation and continue to deliver for the Giants.
6) No news is good news from the Safeties.
7) Gartrell Johnson looked good in scrub time.

Not excited about:
1) Lawrence Tynes missed a FG from extra point-land. One kickoff barely went to the 15 and it was not intentional.
2) Jacobs looks like he’s in midseason slowdown speed. Yes, he picks up 3.5 yd/carry (92 yds on 26 attempts), but he is dancing and not getting North-South. Darryl Johnston: “He stops his feet too much.” Agreed.
3) playcalls to Hedgecock. Is he 0 for ’09? why not Beckum?
4) Osi’s lack of pocket contain on his pass rush

1) McKenzie knee injury? How bad?

If McKenzie’s injury is minor, this was a great day for the Giants. We’ll assume the Seubert shoulder is minor for the moment. He was dressed on the sideline so that would tend to mean he could have gone out there again in an emergency. The team is 3-0, TB gave us some TIME to sort out our problems, address them and put on a clinic. Next.