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Observations about the Giants

Robert, a fervent Giants fan and commentator on this blog, shares his thoughts about the Giants.

 Three dead ball penalties were killers!  This is inexplicable.  And probably won’t get mentioned as the keys to why we lost.

#1 Eli Manning’s delay of game.  We had just gotten a free 5 yrd penalty to make the third down try much more manageable, and Eli inexplicably gives it back.  Come on!  At home off a stoppage of play!  Unacceptable.
#2 A false start in red zone on first and goal from the 7 makes it first and goal from the 12!  Now the play book collapses and we end up wasting a drive and get only three and not 7!
Those four points were huge because had we made a TD there instead of FG we still have a chance even after killer Int to tie the game.
#3 False start on ensuing drive makes first and goal from the five, first and goal from 10.  Now everyone in the stadium knows we have to pass and next play is killer int.
Coach Coughlin preaches no penalties yet his team has three unnecessary dead ball fouls at home.  The last two changed the whole tenor of the game.  I just want to hold him accountable.
#4 Just my own observation but it seemed to me every time Manning wanted to run the screen to Bradshaw the Seahawks were waiting and I distinctly remembering Manning throwing the ball away at least twice when that play was called.  I actually think they ran some version of it three times and each time the Seahawks appeared to know it was coming.  I suspect there is a TELL on these plays.  
#5. The Seahawks were in the hurry up because the Giants LBs did not know what they were supposed to do.  There were a number of plays where at the snap of the ball, the LBs were looking at each other trying to figure out where to be etc. That is on the coaches!  I think the seahawks were going after the LBs more than the CB.  Our run defense is a problem because our LBs are weak, terrible, inexperienced, out of position and/or unaware of their responsibilities.  Perhaps it is just a combination of some of this.
#6. Hidden yardage.  How many drives did we start inside our twenty and how many did they start outside the 35?
#7 Who was responsible for not blocking the player who hit Derrick Ward 6yds behind the line of scrimmage?  As a result of poor blocking, it cost the Giants two points.   I mean if we were on the goal line or it was a sack it is understandable, but the 5 yard line.  No way!  The person who missed his assignment needs to be on the bench.
I am simply sick about the game not because we lost per se, but rather because of our performance. We are not good, plain and simple.  Sloppy, poorly coached.  Furthermore, even if we had won, it would’ve been a mirage.  I never wish to see the Giants lose, but if there is ever a silver lining to losing, it is that I feel we will not make the playoffs and perhaps we will get a better coaching staff.  This team has talent. Clearly, they have enough talent to be competitive in this league.  Believe it or not, I know that the stats are not good for new coaches turning around franchises.  Just look at the Redskins.  But Coughlin is a dead end.  His teams consistently make the same errors over and over again.  And no one is held accountable.
When we start playing quality teams, we are going to lose ugly.  I think there will be a number of 40+ point games in the losing streak ahead.  Perhaps, I am pessimist and this team will improve as the year progresses. But if a Coughlin led team holds true to form, (aside from the years we had Spags) the players will not get better as the season progress and the same mistakes will keep happening.  The better coached teams will improve and take us apart.

Glenn here:

On Sunday night, I was on Sports Rantz blog talk radio.  My segment begins ~ 15 minute mark.  Like Robert, I was disgusted with the Giants wretched performance against the Seahawks.  A good friend of mine who is a rabid Seahawks fan wrote me the following: ‘Hawks are gonna’ get smoked by G-men Sunday.  They’re absolutely horrible.  Maybe they’ll be good again in 15 more years.  They seem to be good for 4-5 years then stink for 15.  Pretty much their pattern since the beginning.  
   And tomorrow, I will have a post up on the Giants offense. The Giants were 1-12 on third down.  This is an EIGHT percent conversion rate.  Amazingly (I still cannot believe we lost to the Seahawks) , despite playing so poorly in all three phases especially offense, the Giants almost won this game.