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How many of you saw this one coming?!! I certainly did not. Of the eight teams that played last weekend, only the Ravens had anything worthy of serious respect. And they should have lost today. The Cardinals?! No way. The ramifications are


The #2 seed in the NFC, gone. The #1 seed in the AFC, gone.

If we can beat the Eagles tomorrow, we play the Cardinals??!!!! You gotta be kiddin’ me!

Dominique Rodgers Cromartie, the love of Wonder’s life, is a rookie corner that gets better every game. As Moose and Goose suggest, the DBacks of the Cards found something in the passing game of Delhomme, because the INTS look like a tell or some kind of scheming advantage. Of course in H2 the Panthers effectively had to abandon the run, making INTs more possible, but still the results are astounding.

So you wanted the Eagles to lose so that we could play … the Cardinals?!! Well, ya got the Cardinals if ya can get past the Eagles tomorrow!

The message: take care of the ball tomorrow (turnovers killed both higher seeds) and take care of your business. One game tomorrow. Plenty of time to think about the Cardinals. Plenty of Eagles FIRST. GO GMEN!