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Osi, Gabe and Devin

1) Andy 1, Wonder and Pete 0.  My fellow comrades at UltimateNYG thought there was no way the Giants would “get” a #1 pick for Osi, but we hear through Paul Schwartz of the NY Post that that is exactly what the Giants need to get to part ways with the pass rusherYes, it may very well be that all three of us are sort of saying the same thing: Pete and Wonder both think the Giants will never get a #1, and I believe the Giants would be stupid to let him go for less than that.  Indeed, the Giants need to get a #1 in return for letting Osi leave, and that is once again on the mark for Reese.  Osi- you are a Giant until further notice.  Unless we get a #1 pick, you are going to be getting QB sacks for the Gmen, so “deal” with it.

1a) Note also that there is a time constraint on getting a deal done.  Osi is going to have to start practicing when he is medically cleared, and that means if he cannot get traded quickly, he’ll need to get into “Giant” shape. 

1b) Did you notice the Rams being mentioned as one of the teams as a possible suitor for Osi?  If there is anyone who would know about Osi being worth a #1, it would be Steve Spagnuolo.    

2) The Giants signed Gabe Watson, a Defensive Lineman with 5 yrs experience, to the league minimum.  Last week, it was not rocket science to conjecture that with only Canty, Joseph, and Austin at interior DL, the Giants would have to bring in someone with experience so that the two kids (Joseph barely dressed for half the games in his rookie year) would not find themselves starting too soon.  We cannot point out enough how the position of interior DL is arguably the physically most grueling one out there on the field.  For every Ndamukong Suh, there is a parade of busts and also-rans who get fed to that meat grinder.  Watson is there to make sure that Joseph and Austin make an orderly ascendancy in this position. 

3) With the free agency moves slowing down, the press is beginning to follow training camp a little more, and so can we.  Garafolo had some nice things to say about Devin Thomas.  We are thinking that he can make this squad, especially with Barden on the PUP list.  Here is what we had to say about Thomas last December, when he was picked up off waivers:

Devin Thomas.  The WR pickup is good value.  His THREE terrific plays on specials, by themselves, will not allow him to remain active when Smith and Nicks come back, but if he keeps contributing this will be good for him in 2011.”