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Packers- Giants Preview

When UltimateNYG NY Giants blog joined the Bloguin Network 2 years ago, they had ~50 blogs and 9 NFL teams.  2 years later, and now Bloguin has ~150 blogs and 23 NFL teams.  Of the 9 teams that are still not on the NFL roster, 1 of them is amazingly the Green Bay Packers.  So we went to Wonder for a better look into understanding the Pack, and he articulated some of the things we all saw last Turkey day.

UltimateNYG: How do you beat the Packers this Sunday?

Wonder: Put Aaron Rodgers on his a**.  That’s it.

UltimateNYG: Well, we’d imagine you’d want to give him as little time as possible to pass the ball.

Wonder: Yes, you need that pass rush.  The Giants have 2 sacks in the last three games, so that isn’t going to cut it.  They had zero vs Brees, and we know how that worked out. 

UltimateNYG:  Press Coverage too, right?

Wonder: Yes, of course you need to press.

UltimateNYG:  And less zone…

Wonder:  If you zone Aaron Rodgers, you might as well take a gun, point it right at your own head and pull the trigger.  This QB has pinpoint accuracy.  Asking him to find holes in a zone is child’s play for him.

UltimateNYG: Green Bay’s defense has given up plenty of points this year.  How should the Giants offense attack them?

Wonder:  You must avoid turnovers at all costs.  This Green Bay defense is incredibly opportunistic.  You must be careful with the ball.  You can run on them, but we know the Giants have not been able to run block.  You can pass on them too.  They gamble.  They cheat on routes.  So (wink, wink), when you drive down the field, please don’t underthrow the ball in the red zone, turn the ball over, and waste that scoring drive.  If you are careful and meticulous, you will have success vs that team.  The bottomline for pulling off the stunner and beating the Packers- play solid football, pressure the passer and don’t turn the ball over. 

(…which unfortunately the Giants have shown they have not been able to do in the past few games.  Thanks, Wonder.)