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Papa’s perspective

I listened to Bob Papa’s “Perspective” this past weekend, decided to shelve his remarks until midweek because it was not going to be 4 or 5 days that was going to make his ideas out of date. Indeed, they only made them MORE relevant.

“This team has one of the most unbelievable temperaments I have ever seen from a NY Giants football team. That is counting the 1986 Giants and the 1990 Giants. It is very businesslike. It is very focused. It is very single-minded in their approach.”

Pretty strong words from Mr. Papa, who is NOT known for hyperbole. When he says something like this, it is money in the bank intangibles talking, the kind of intangibles that separate the men from the boys, the championships from the also-rans. I listen to his commentary almost all the time, and rarely does he offer something like this. It means that this team, barring a string of injuries (and/or loss of Pierce), is in a very good place to remain on task for winning the title.