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Past the Grief

We like to remind everyone here that 31 teams lose.

And so Wonder’s grief for the death of his Jets arrived Sunday.  Yours truly stayed the heck away!  I wasn’t getting dragged into that depression vortex.  We had already gone through our grieving process for the 2009 season.  No need to get involved in a second round. 

On Tuesday Wonder recovered enough to try to figure out what hit him and the Jets.  He wants more DL help for the Jets.  The Giants have more than enough DLinemen.  The Jets have a Safety who did well under Mangini but did not completely buy-in/excel under Ryan.. Kerry Rhodes.  So he proposes a trade: Kiwi, Canty, or Umenyiora for Rhodes.  Of course the trade is not equal and would have to be balanced out depending on which lineman the Giants were willing to part with.  Safeties are not equal to DLinemen.  But the Giants could lose a higher priced contract and free up some money in today’s environment of wallet-watching. 

The Gmen could sure use Safety help.  Rhodes would instantly start as a Giant.  Fewell is well liked by players and would probably give Rhodes a lift.  The Giants have enuf linemen and not enough line, so losing one of those players would not exactly ‘hurt’ the Giants.  Maybe we’d see a little less of DeSean Jackson running free in the secondary with Rhodes and another Safety back (Phillips???) there.  Maybe Michael Johnson could do a better job as a backup on the bench, providing us with depth instead of disaster.  He deserves to get cut for blowing the assignment on Jackson in that Eagles game. (One of ESPN’s analysts diagrammed how it was Johnson, not Ross, who completely blew his responsibility for Jackson.  Note how #20 is barely in the frame.)   


The Giants have a new DL Coach.

Want Super Bowl tickets?  Don’t bother. Take it from someone who went to one of them, it is a Corporate NFL event to reward all of the marketing partners of the league.  Half the seats are held by people who are not rooting for either side.  The real fans are at home watching on TV.