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Patriots 38 NYG 27

The Giants were up 21-0 in Q1 and they lost 38-27. So what does that tell you? Once the Giants 1st string units were out, it got ugly. There was no depth on defense. A lot of the players left out there will not make the team.

On the bright side, the first string Giants offense operated efficiently vs the second string Patriots. Manning hooked up with Boss for 44 yards. Moss collected 2 TDs. Nicks made a nice adjustment to the ball and then scored. Pretty. Bradshaw had a blitz pickup to enable that TD.

Nicks went out in Q3 with a hip flexor injury. Did not see the play, not sure how serious it is. Nicks said he was fine after the game was over.

Manningham looked good again. He gets separation play after play. On one play he runs an inside slant, the ball is thrown behind him by Carr, he makes a great catch and gets tackled for a 9 yard gain. When Montana hits Rice on the same exact play it is in stride and you tack on another 10 or 20 yards. It’s preseason and this is starting to get redundant already. Manningham gets separation when he makes his break. And because he does it so quickly, Carl Banks is practically drooling. He starts commenting how these Giants WRs are all very different, each one having different skill sets. TRANSLATED: Manningham has natural ability to get free in his route because he is so fast on the break, so if you are the QB you better know it is HIM you are throwing to because everyone else is in one spot and Manningham is already in the center of the field. On one play Manningham gets a 35 yard pass reception, goes back out on the very next play and splits two defenders with a step on each of them for another bomb but it is overthrown. Tom Brady or Peyton Manning would be having pitch and catch with this guy all day long. I do not want to hear how we do not have Wide Receivers. Manningham is a Wide Receiver.

Quick extras from the game:
-Wilkinson, Travonti Johnson and Terrell Thomas had nice open field tackles before the 8th stringers led the swiss cheese assault on our senses
-Woodson and Bomar both threw picks, the first gave the Pats 6 and the second cost us 6. But I’ll still take Bomar because he is spry, “flicks” the ball out so fast, give him time. If the Giants put him on the practice squad it is a mistake because someone will pick him up. Reese is smarter than that.
-another uncovered punt that is allowed to fall in with terrible field position
-poor kickoff coverage

Summary- first team Offense and Defense (2 sacks) did fine vs the Pats scrubs, scrubs NYG defense did miserably.

Box Buster Recipe #5:
Step 1> Manningham needs to play
Step 2> Manning needs to get his timing with him
Step 3> Other teams will get roasted if they leave Manningham alone one on one