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Pete’s 2010 Mock Draft

This is one of the more complicated drafts that I can remember.  The first few picks are pretty much in the bag, but after that it gets tough.

There are a number of teams with multiple choices in the first and second round.  The Eagles have 10 picks AFTER trading the 5th Rounder for Detroit’s LBer.  SF and Seattle have two picks in Round 1.  In Round 2, Denver, Philadelphia and New England have multiple picks- this has to be noted because these teams have a myriad of possibilities in combining picks to move anywhere and everywhere.

Every GM out there says they draft for the best available player, but I say that they manipulate the best available player to fit their need.  As an example, the Steelers have a need for OL.  But when they pick, they will take the OL, but how much of it will be because the lineman is the best player at that moment?  They’ll claim he is, but it is not a layup.

Will Osi remain a Giant?  Will Haynesworth remain a Redskin?  Will Chiefs trade down?  Will Jacksonville trade down?  Will someone take the risk on Dez Bryant’s talent? How early?  Here is my best shot.

Rams– Bradford.  Not the best player, but must take the gamble.
Lions– Suh. Stats don’t lie, he’s a beast, knee and all.
Bucs– McCoy. Question about stopping the run, but he’s A+ with penetration and breaking up plays.  Excellent.
Skins– Okung. Best player in the draft.
Chiefs– If they do not trade down, Berry is best here.
Seahawks– Desperate need for an OT.  Trent Williams.
Browns– DB need makes them go Haden, even though not the best player here.
Raiders-Pretty straight here, they’ll take the Iowa bookend Bulaga.
Bills– Clausen.
Jaguars– Trade down to the Eagles at 24 + Round 2 (#37th overall from Redskins) pick and Eagles take Earl Thomas.
Broncos– McClain.
Dolphins– Kindle.
49ers– Davis.
Seahawks– Spiller.
Giants– Iupati.
Titans– Derrick Morgan.
49ers– Weatherspoon
Steelers– Pouncey
Falcons– Graham
Texans– Wilson
Bengals– Gresham
Patriots– Hughes
Packers– Saffold
Eagles– pick traded to the Jaguars, who take Tebow. 
Ravens– McCourtey
Cardinals– Mays.
Cowboys– Odrick
Chargers– Matthews
Jets– Pierre-Paul
Vikings– Jackson
Colts– Price
Saints– Dan Williams

Extra- 2010 Schedule was released yesterday. 

Update: All kinds of monkey wrenches in the works here.  Pittsburgh/Roethlisberger/QBRams/Carriker?