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Phil Simms and Wonder in total agreement on Game Plan for Sunday

Giants-Eagles. Simms harped on the same thing that Wonder said Friday night (which I will paste below)- the most important thing Simms wants to see is how the smaller/faster DL of the Eagles (as compared to prev years) deals with the Giants OL. Can they stand up to the Giants running game? Is there enough size and strength? (The Skins wore them down, remember?!) Does the Giants OL have the power to do that? The Giants are the better team, but Simms implied that the Eagles were very good, very close. Simms separately notes that both QBs handle the blitz well and showered the Giants front four with the typical praise we understand. Simms would NOT make a call on the game- he was not specifically asked, but that does not stop him from laying it out there, so this tells us what we already know- a tight game. (Simms laid it out there two weeks ago and told us he felt the Giants would win vs the Steelers under similar circumstances, as road +3 dogs.)

Wonder from Friday night email: “ANDY… game plan on sun. should be …RUN JACOBS…with the intent that the o-line and having to tackle that load will take its toll on their d-line so that they don’t have anything left in the tank to rush Eli later in the game..then go play-action.. Phil. is more “quick” than powerful…so Bradshaw not good option early on (other than screens, flares, etc…)…I also think it will have extra bonus of keeping OUR D off the field and fresh to KILL McNabb…and when we have the chance, MUST TACKLE him..no “escape” plays down the field !! we MUST win Time of Poss battle..and Jacobs is the key…if he runs for 90+ yds on about 18-20 carries, mail it in…Jints win…their strength is pass rush and secondary…make those little f***s have to TACKLE Jacobs a few times…they won’t like it…will also “shorten” the game and keep the crowd out of the game as McN won’t have that many poss to dev a rhythm…trust me on this one !!”

Just like Rob was quick to point out that you have to pass vs the Dallas secondary, Simms and Wonder are clear that there is an oppty (NEED for RUN!) vs the smaller Eagles DL. I still want to see some Ward mixed in too (we’ll never get Bradshaw in for the screens, where his speed will certainly be necessary for this group), but yes Wonder, okay, we hear you, more Jacobs this game is fine because of MATCHUPS. Generally I feel Jacobs gets too much of the offense, but tonight I can easily understand why you want to out-physical that DL. The Skins did it, and so can we.