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Phil Simms for the Conference Championships

Phil Simms, the winner of the “Insiders’ Picks” on Showtime this season, shared his thoughts with Mike Francesa of WFAN.

Simms picks the Packers to win.  His pick in the Jets-Steelers matchup is redacted because he is calling the game with Jim Nantz. 

NYJ-PIT. RB situation is solid for the Jets.  Knowledge that the Jets got from the first game vs the Steelers is very helpful to them.  Simms said that he would disclose more during the game.. he was more general with his remarks about these two teams.  Perhaps the best color, which we can read to mean his bias for the Steelers, is that the Jet weakness in pass rushing vs the Steelers weakness in their Offensive Line is a net win for the Steelers.  Simms does not see the Jets being able to do very much vs the Tackles of the Steelers (without the help of good coverage downfield and/or blitzing).     

  Crowd noise will help the Bears.  Aaron Rodgers will get slowed down.  These teams know each other very well.  It will draw the teams closer for a very good game.  Rodgers running the ball more as of late than ever before.  From experience, it is hard (for QBs, from Simms’ perspective) to separate the overwhelming performance from last week going into another week.  “It is not about a swollen head as much as clearing your mind.”  Rodgers’ college experience did not indicate what was ahead for him here in the NFL.  Simms admits being wrong about him, preferring Akili Smith.  (This is why we like Simms, he does not have a selective memory about being right on 100% of his observations… and that is why Simms is so valuable to listen to.)  Cutler is tough and strong, with a big arm.  Cutler and Roethlisberger are here in the Conference Championship with average Offensive Lines.  The Bears have the 4th best OL of the 4 teams remaining.  So respect what Cutler has done under those circumstances.  (UltimateNYG remark- they got the bye and beat the Seahawks, that is how you get here with less!)  Martz likes the seam to the TE, likes going in the middle of the field.  The GB coverage that Cutler will see is a whole different level.   

UltimateNYG thoughts- there is no reason why any of these 4 teams cannot win the title.  Why? Because we have seen that every team has a fatal flaw, and that no team is invincible.  Right now, Aaron Rodgers has that aura of invincibility, but lest we forget, if the Giants simply had taken care of business in the New Meadowlands and closed out a 31-10, they would not even be in the playoffs.  And Akers’ leg helped the Packers HUGE in order to beat the Eagles (bless the Lord!).  And DeSean Jackson getting hurt in Q1 of that game helped the Packers HUGE.  And there was not a single moment this season where we were Atlanta believers.  And we haven’t frankly been Bears believers either.  Even though I am not a believer in the Bears, why are they merely +3.5 pts?  Let’s enjoy both games today.  They should be very good ones.