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Phil Simms for Week 13 + intragame comments

NYG-DAL.  Phil Simms is not picking a bottom for the Giants this week. 

Romo’s stat line: 5-8, 19 INTs, 5 lost fumbles.  Simms responded by saying that that is also a team/coaching issue in how these players prepare.  Mentioned a Dallas weakness, that Flozell Adams is vulnerable to the speed rush.  (Could the irony be any more palpable that Osi’s run defense is weaker to the point that we will miss his edge rush matchup with Adams on some of the running downs where Dallas passes?!)  Dallas has been running the ball but then does not finish.  They need to finish and get the ball in the end zone, so they need help from the passing game to get over that hump.  Dallas is a better team than the NYG.  When Francesa prompted Simms about the Giants getting ready for the arch nemesis, Simms implied that the Giants will need LASTING emotion that takes them through the entire game in order to stay with the Cowboys and win.  (Simms picks the Cowboys.  Fwiw, his track record this year is weaker. “The Giants defense, 6 weeks in row that it hasn’t played well, 6 weeks in a row…  If it rains six straight days, why do we think it is going to stop on the seventh?”)  The Giants need to play physical.  “The whole game is on the Giants defense.”  Dallas corners are playing well- that allows the DAL defense to do other things like blitz more. 

NO/NE game last Monday- Saints are hot, making plays.  They did a couple of defensive wrinkles, including schemes with double coverage of both Moss and Welker.  Simms and Francesa noted how the Pats offense after Brady/Moss/Welker is diminished.  Big difference for the Saints is that this year when they need 2 yds or 4 yds running for a first down, they get it.  More powerful and clever.  New England plays with too many open formations.  Simms says they need to get Brady back under center, run the ball a little more and then use play action.  (DOES THIS SOUND FAMILIAR?!!)

MIAMI- lack of talent and youth is why you lose in Q4, and this is why Miami loses in Q4. 

IND/TENN- Colts need to stop Chris Johnson and the Tenn run game.  Titans need to stop Peyton and the Ind passing game.  Tenn will not be able to do the latter well enough and that is why they will lose.

AZ/MINN- Favre has 24 TDs and 3 INTs this year because Minn is running a simple almost identical version of the West Coast offense run in the 1990s with GB.  ADD THAT IT IS BEING RUN WITH GREAT EXECUTION and that is why it is successful.  Favre goes from one receiver to the next as well as anyone ever in football.  Also of importance is that Favre is NOT taking the hits this season, so he has a chance to go all the way because his body can last through 19 games.

SD- Positive words for Norv Turner. Simms admits he was wrong on Rivers, that Rivers has taken advantage of the early experience and IMPROVED as a QB.

Ultimatenyg here.  Last thoughts before Dallas.  Enough people are off the bandwagon with only 3 out 9 or 10 NY Post geniuses taking the Giants (well, they haven’t covered 6 straight!!) that it augers well for the Giants to be MORE competitive.  As we noted a few posts ago, with the Giants at home we expect a competitive performance from the Giants.  I will not guess whether they win or not.  Expect the emotion to be there early, and as we have said in reverse when the Giants were road warriors, if the Cowboys can take OUR first shot and make it through the Giants’ early emotion, you have to like THEIR chances.