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Phil Simms for Week 16. Intragame NYG-Pack comments.

Phil Simms had a dip and half with Mike Francesa of WFAN.  Giants, Jets and even some Tebow.

NYJ-CHI.  The Jets have had a lot to deal with, including more than enough distractions.  But Simms tells us from his playing days that it is overrated.  The lockerroom is far more insulated than that.  Briggs, Urlacher and Peppers are as good as their hype.  The Bears secondary is “ok.”  Simms believes the Bears have more than enough motivation to play, given they have locked up a 3 (seed) and are “only” playing for a possible 2. 

KC-TEN.  Titans match up well with the Chiefs.  The Chiefs need two home wins and they are in.  The Chiefs play a conservative defense that is more interested in stopping the big play.  As a result, the Chiefs do not crowd the line of scrimmage.  Nate Washington and Kenny Britt are two guys as good as you can get.  Matt Cassel (back from an appendectomy) will find a way to win, but it will be difficult.
BUF-NE.  Bills are a better team now because they are playing better against the run.  NE will still come out on top. 

GB-NYG.  “I do not think the GB Packers match up vs the Giants as nearly as well as they did vs the Pats last week.”  Pass rush, rbs, wrs of the Giants are all high quality.  Eli gets the space and time to throw the football as much as anyone in the league.  When you are 21 points up (last week), they did not play the clock, burned by an all out blitz.  The Giants can throw it, they can run it.  Defensive front will get to Rodgers.  Giants are a better football team.  They will win a close game vs the Pack.  Re the Eagle implosion, “absolutely” they can shake off the loss.  Back to my playing days, by Wednesday you get the new game plan, last week is in the past.  Wednesday felt great in my playing days after a big defeat.  If they lose today, it has little or more likely nothing to do with the previous week.

Tim Tebow.  Yes, he is a future NFL QB.  He needs to learn in the offseason how to get rid of the football faster.  I would be surprised if he becomes a top-flight pocket passer.  It can happen, but I’d be surprised. 

UltimateNYG here:  We are 6-2 this season on predictions.  I have a f****** bad taste in my mouth that I could predict a win and cover last week, be up 31-10, and my braindead team chokes the chicken with 8 minutes left.  That’s right TC, you are the braindead person I refer to.   I made the right forecast, but still came up on the short end of the stick.  That should be a lesson to all of us about how gambling in the long run is a loser’s game.  The vig is a killer.  I can still make forecasts, and will make one this morning.  The Giants will win and (of course, by implication) cover.  Why?  Because that Defensive Line with the added depth of JPP is becoming a force, and I am banking on Fewell playing attack defense for 60 minutes.  

Here is the bottomline.  The Giants, because of talent, can play with and beat anybody in this piece of terd league.  The Giants, because of underwhelming coaching, underachieve and can lose to almost anybody in this piece of terd league.  Get the picture?  If this team plays 60 minutes and is coached for 60 minutes, they can AND WILL beat anybody.  So I am not going back down from this game.  I have to believe they have the focus to get the job done.