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Phil Simms For Week 3 of 2011

Phil Simms comes to us via WFAN‘s NFL Now with Mike Francesa.  Click Read More to continue with Simms’ pregame comments.

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NYJ-OAK Mangold out, OAK will test that with Kelly and Seymour.  Jets running game not impressive.  Bills spread the defense out vs the Raiders, making them vulnerable, putting up 38 points in a vs the Raiders.  Defense of the Jets is very well coached, always in the right place.  Good run defense.  Can the Raider OL protect Campbell and the Jets blitz.  Boss is the type of TE who will be matched up on all-down Jets LBers and win that battle.  What do the Raiders do tho if they max protect for Campbell and then the Jets blanket the few receiving threats?  Raiders on defense are playing more zone for the first time.  Simms says the Raiders SHOULD bump and run because they are not very good in coverage.  Safeties are not very good tacklers.  Jets are very good tacklers, in the right positions to make the tackles.  Shonn Greene and the OL are both not as good as last year. 

The back shoulder throw.  Very few corners can handle it.  Easy for QBs and WRs to figure it out.  You practice and work on it.  1 in 5 times you’ll go past the CB.  Burress built for the back shoulder throw.  Not risky. Defenseless for the defense, simple timing, receiver knows what is coming, sees it first and has that advantage.  Parcells: “Simms, when Bavaro is covered, that means he’s open.”

NYG-PHL Because Simms did not talk Giants, we have to go diggin’ for some sound bites from Showtime.  (See minute 2:24 of the video link.) Simms: “I’m takin’ the Eagles.  It doesn’t matter who plays quarterback.  I think they can throw the ball with their speed outside.. they can throw the football on the NY Giants.”

UltimateNYG here.  Interesting, Simms’ remarks about Parcells on throwing to his TE.  This goes to the reason why you must use your TE more liberally in the red zone.  They are big targets to throw to who can out-physical their defender and make the grab.  So what, who cares if they get tackled immediately after the reception is made?  The red zone is not about YAC, it is about getting the completed reception.  The catch either moves the sticks for first and goal or it scores the TD in the end zone.  It has that same element of the back shoulder throw in that you are throwing to spot and you let the matchup/practice/timing edge do the rest.