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Phil Simms for Week 3

Phil Simms talked (1) NYG- TENN on Showtime and (2) NFL on WFAN for Week 3.

Before Sunday morning’s comments with Francesa on WFAN, Phil Simms made some comments about Tennessee with his Showtime gig earlier in the week:  “It looks like they have 6 Defensive Linemen on the field at all times.  They are everywhere.  They destroyed the two OLs they played against.”

And the outcome: “I think (the Giants) can do it.  Mainly because they are home and (bouncing back from) the way they played against IND.” 

Back to his WFAN comments..

1) HOU-DAL.  Dal has one of the top 3 DL’s in the NFL.  The talent on DAL is very good, should be winning a lot of games.  The OL is not athletic enough to go to the second level and take on LBers, so the running game suffers.  Simms basically does not like the DAL running backs a whole lot.  Romo does not trust his pass protection so he is playing ‘faster’ because he wants to get rid of the ball or exit the pocket.

On Matt Schaub, Simms has high grades: “very good, one of the top QBs in the NFL, extremely accurate, nimble, does not lose control of the football.” 

Francesa pointed out that the Houston OT has been lost for 4 games, that that will help DeMarcus Ware enormously.

2) MIA-NYJ.  Will be hard-hitting, beyond normal NFL standards.  Dolphins Defense matches up well vs the Jets Offense because it loves to play vs a standard 2 WR (2RB, 1 TE) set.  Dolphins offense has been extremely conservative the first two weeks, but Simms expects that to change in W3, that they’ll open it up downfield a little more with Henne tonight.

3) IND.  New offensive coaches are going to make a bigger commitment to the run this year .

4) BAL. Flacco is passing too much.  The Ravens have to go back to an offense that puts a little less pressure on him to carry that side of the ball.