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Phil Simms for Week 5 of 2011

1) Simms and Francesa spoke again on WFAN this morning, first discussing the passing of Al Davis.  The color that Simms added above the many thoughts passed through the media was that Davis had an insatiable quest for as much information about other teams, other players, etc. that he could get his hands on.  This was echoed by our own Pete, who worked for Davis.

2) NYJ-NE. Holmes goes after Sanchez earlier in the week.  And then this morning we awake to the Daily News scoop…  Controversy in Jets-land: the WRs (Holmes, Burress and Mason, specifically by name) complained about OC Brian Schottenheimer’s system.  Break in ranks.* (see note at bottom)  Breakdown.  The offense was a complete shambles last week vs the Ravens.  Right now the NY Jets and St. Louis Rams are two of 3 teams in the NFL that do not have an OL to protect their QB.  Simms went on a quick tangent, saying that a guy like ‘Sam Bradford does not have a chance’ when behind his OL.  The Ravens are probably the best defense, and they wreaked havoc on the Jets OL.  A lot to overcome.  Playcalling, confidence.  Mangold will be back, he will probably be involved with taking on Haynesworth.  It is one game.  The Jets are 2-2 and know that if they win they are 3-2 and ahead of the Pats.  Pats are an exceptional offense.  Sanchez had absolutely no chance last week, so whatever he could do was impressive.  Simms feels that the Jets have regrouped this week mentally, but stopped WAY short of predicting that the Jets would win.  Will the Jets be competitive today?  Simms really had to stop short of answering yes, simply stating the Jets would play better and that they needed confidence early in order to be competitive.  The Jets are trying to change from a ground and pound identity into more of a 2011 NFL passing offense.  And they are having problems.  Mason and Burress are not the same fit that Edwards was in that previous offense.

Simms did not cover any other games, but he was on Showtime.  Here is the web exclusive of the games not covered on the Broadcast version, where Simms, Sapp and Collinsworth commented on today’s matchup.

3) SEA-NYG.  Simms takes the Giants to win the game… “Man the (Giants) can do it.  Ahmad Bradshaw, the WR corps.  The Giants are always a scary team just because (of) how they can rush the passer.  Osi Umenyiora comes back, I don’t know what did he have, 1.5, 2.5 sacks?!  (Re Tuck out again>) That’s ok, he didn’t play last week.   Jason Pierre-Paul is unbelievable.”

I will not be on twitter until later (~H2) in the game.  You can still tweet me and give me the heads up on what you see. The Giants are the biggest point spread favorite this week, at -10.  I am not making any predictions, but logic would tell us that the Giants miss being home and should handle the Seahawks after learning from their (flat) scare last week.  There is no such thing as two trap games in a row, so show up in Q1, play 60 minutes, and get this win in the bank.  Go Gmen!

* Santonio Holmes + Plaxico Burress > Rex Ryan.  See Rule #24.  I don’t know about Mason, but all it takes is two to stir up trouble.