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Phil Simms for Week 5 of the 2010 NFL Season

Every Sunday morning UltimateNYG NY Giants blog reports on Phil Simms, including his observations about the Giants and the NFL.

On Showtime, last week Simms and UltimateNYG both articulated the same idea, that the Bears would be vulnerable to a letdown on the shorter week after winning Monday night.  So it would be interesting to see where Simms thought the Giants were going to go this weekend vs the Texans.

Simms: “I’ve watched Houston all year long.  I don’t see it as a different year so far.  The defense is struggling.  They are giving up big yards in a lot of ways against the run.  People are throwing it on them.  The Giants are a big fast team.  I think the Giants, even after a Sunday night, they can go down there and win.”

Very interesting.  Wonder asked aloud after the Texans’ Week 3 loss to the Cowboys- “Did Cinderella lose her glass slipper?”  Simms questions the Texans as well.  What this means is simply that the Giants have an opportunity.  As long as Andre Johnson is inactive or ineffective, the Gmen should have control of their own fate and get it done, assuming they play well. 

Back to the NFL Now, Simms had more thoughts around the league:

1) There is a weak spot in almost all of these good teams.

2) DAL-TEN.  Giants and Denver complained to the league about Tennessee playing after the whistle.  Fisher learned from Buddy Ryan, be tougher than the other team.  Simms looked for it on tape and did not see it.  They have four DL that rush the QB.  Dallas OL settling down a little bit.  Free has been the best OL of the bunch, by far.  Romo has been sacked one time.  He can get rid of the football, the Cowboys can win.  The Dallas WRs are so good, it takes away the attention, leaves numerous opportunities for Witten.  Francesa has a man-crush on Dez Bryant.  Simms concurs, “a faster Anquan Boldin.” 

3) IND-KC.  KC is vastly improved.  Special teams are aggressive.  Defense has gotten much faster.  Crennel’s defense paying dividends.  Simms praised MLB Derrick Johnson and S Eric Berry.  IND Colts has weak pass defense, lost another Safety.  On the road the Colts do not rush the passer as well.

4) DEN-BAL.  Ravens pass defense is more umbrella.  Makes them a little softer underneath, but still very good. One the top 3 teams in the NFL.  The Ravens are bigger and stronger than the Broncos, they are at home, they will win.

5) NYG- HOU.  Simms reiterated his comments from Showtime, namely that the Texans are not doing anything on defense particularly well.  This makes the Texans the same Texans team we have seen in prior years… a team that needs to score a lot of points on Offense to win.  Simms questions the Houston Texans offense’s ability to play at a consistently high level.