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Phil Simms for Week 8 of the 2010 NFL Season

Every week, Phil Simms is Mike Francesa’s guest on the NFL Now, a Sunday radio simulcast on WFAN.  The former Giants QB shares his observations and takes UltimateNYG NY Giants blog around the NFL.

1) OL.  If your offensive line is not getting it done, your NFL team is not getting it done.

2) JAX– Jack Del Rio has switched from a 3-4 to a 4-3 that he knows.  But too much change, up and down, Jax is in the mid 20’s in every meaningful statistic, they are big but not fast.. which all tells the story of a franchise that is lost.  Maurice Jones-Drew is pressing, trying to do too much, he is gambling and turning 4 yard gains into 1 yd losses because he is desperate to make a play. 

3) NO– The Saints struggle because everyone has studied a) the Jets’ blitz packages and b) the Saints film all offseason long.  So coaches know that to beat the Saints you have to make them grind it out, take away the big stuff.  And without Reggie Bush, they lack speed out of the backfield… implication is that last year, if you took away the deep stuff, Bush could help the team exploit the underneath.

4) SD– Phil does not think they are done.  He saw them perform their charity vs the Patriots.  Everyone knows they play well, but the people that touch the ball are new/inexperienced and they make mistakes.

5) KC– “Offense is very well-designed.”  Jamaal Charles, Thomas Jones, Matt Cassel all playing well.  Defense concerns Mr. Simms, who believes that the single coverage is a question mark when KC pressures the QB.

6) NYJ– are the best team in the AFC right now.  Why not..

7) PITT– Answer? Because you can throw the ball on them.  Steelers cannot pressure the QB.  MIA should have beaten the Steelers.

8) NYJ-GB.  Packers cannot stop the Jets run and will not be able run the ball vs the Jets.  Simms was bordering on bold, believing the Jets can make a statement vs this team.  Rodgers not playing as well as last year, moving out of the pocket too much.


10) TENN– Simms not a believer yet.  They should have lost to the Eagles.  The Eagles miss a blocking assignment, which leads to a fumble turnover.  Simms does have a lot of respect for the TENN WRs of Washington, Britt and Gage.

11) IND-HOU.  Peyton Manning has lost his weapons, but HOU’s defense is so weak (Ryans out as well) that IND will still win.