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Phil Simms October 11 2009

1) Denver defense is for real.  Team is organized.  Dallas could not block them on offense and everyone was covered by Denver’s defense.. looked like there were 12 Denver players out there. “You’ll have to play very well to beat the Denver Broncos.”

2) Dallas: Not a lot of sharp route-running. About as bad as I have seen the Dallas offense.  It does not make sense to throw that often to Champ Bailey.  Broncos just outcoached the Dallas Cowboys on both sides of the ball.

3) Re Manning’s Plantar Fasciitis, Simms spoke to two people who have had it. One was Sapp, who said he needed 13 days off with rest to let it heal before coming back.  Simms seemed to be advocating getting the rest so that the injury would not hamper the entire season.

4) Re Sanchez‘s poor performance last week, he did not make the adjustments.  Rookie QBs need to be patient, keep waiting.  Incomplete passes are good.  You’ll get your opportunities during the course of a game.

Ultimatenyg here.  Re Simms on the Dallas/Denver game, you can obviously see the criticism going to Jason Garrett. But make no mistake- bad things seem to happen.. the team underachieves with Wade Phillips.  They had the best team in the league on paper last season, totally loaded, and the wheels came off.  Wonder implied the defensive schemes were not good.  The defensive coordinator was fired at year end.  Phillips is a defensive guy too. You heard what Simms just said above.. the word “outcoached” seems to come up when it is a Wade Phillips team.