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Phil Simms W6

1) Saints CBs are covering WRs better, gives Williams the ability to send more guys in for pressuring opposing QB.  Giants are the best team in the NFL, the best team on paper.  You can still run the ball on the Giants.  Saints at home, they’ll win.


2) Brady needs more time to get more accurate.  This is not the same team as 2 years ago.  They lost 2 good receivers, lots of changes in the secondary, not hitting the QB on a consistent basis (Seymour loss!).

3) Titans not done.  They probably won’t be able to make the playoffs but they are not a bad team.  Weak secondary because of injuries but the front 7 as good as anyone out there.

4) Colts have a simple and well-designed offense. Synchronized.  Little details make the plays work.  Freeny and Mathis 2 of the Top 5 pass rushers in the league. 

5) Broncos are real.  They have 4 good LBers, not a good DL.  Champ Bailey is an elite shutdown CB on the level of the best (Michael Haynes, Darrell Green) to have ever played the game.  Not sure if he said this, but I thought I heard him say they had the best LT in football (Ryan Clady, which we know is good, but did not think he was playing that well that fast.)