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Phil Simms for Week 17. Intragame comments NYG-MINN

1) Colts could have handled the Perfect Season pressure.  They were built for it, the players wanted it.  (Francesa noted that the fan base had a revolt this week in Indianapolis.)

2) Saints have trouble.  They would have lost today to the Panthers, given how injured they are, so probably a wise move to pack it in today and bench a lot of players and regroup for the playoffs.  There is hope for the Saints, despite losing so many games at the end of the season.. the rest will get them healthier and faster.

3) Vikings need the 2 seed badly.  They have structural problems: the defense is not complicated enough.  It gives up too many easy completions and (as noted here by Simms earlier this season) relies on the Jared Allen sack or other big play to derail your drive.  Also, the Viking OL is not protecting Favre well enough right now.

4) Chargers are so impressive.  They have been beat up and have lost players but the coaches have been able to make adjustments.

5) Ravens have been killed by their own mistakes with costly penalties.  Pass interference has plagued the team.  They have been able to address this problem as of late.  Ray Rice playing very well.

Francesa: Is there a #1 team who is above the rest in the NFL as we head into the playoffs?
Simms: Yes, it is the Indianapolis Colts.  The defense is very fast and does not give up the big play.

Ultimatenyg here.  The comment about the Chargers stings little bit back here in Giantsville.  How much confidence do you have in the Giants to make adjustments?  This is something purely in the coach’s realm.  On the defensive side, we specifically refer to simplifying the role of the free safety so that he is not out of position.  On the offensive side of the ball, we of course refer to the lack of Play action/TE/Screen/Smaller RB in space. 

Final thoughts before today’s game: if Eli Manning is not hurt, it is a good day.  Let’s see the younger players play.  Barden, Bomar, Beckum, Beatty, Goff, Boothe, Kehl, Sintim, Rashad.