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Players Report to Camp TODAY!

The wait is over. Players report to Albany today and camp practices begin tomorrow.

And what a nice job by Reese and Nicks to get a deal done yesterday, so that everyone is in on time.

Everyone is still freaking out and putting way too much attention on the situation at WR. STOP!

Reasons to ‘worry NOT’ about WR:
1) Moss and Manningham had a good offseason
2) This unit has a ton of pedigree-#1,#2,#2,#3,#3
3) They’ll get all the reps from OTAs and camp, so improvement will continue
4) QB/TE/RB/OL are all rock solid
5) Lots of wild cards for upside. And longshot Beckum too.
6) Lots of depth when you consider that #5 on the depth chart is the 1st rounder
7) Coaches have been very happy with the speed of this unit
8) Kevin Boss can(/SHOULD) move the sticks too

And the real reasons to ‘worry NOT’ about WR:
9) BECAUSE 6th year pro Manning needs to/should/will take more responsibility for their success
10) BECAUSE LBer is a much bigger problem
11) BECAUSE OL is a much bigger problem as soon as someone goes down
12) BECAUSE S is a much bigger problem as soon as someone goes down

Of course there are question marks at WR. But if someone from this group does not step out and make an impact then we’ll be surprised, even if it is just from a statistical perspective ALONE. Moss could have made an impact last year if the coaches would have used him more. Hixon WILL make an impact if he stays healthy. Smith will make an impact if the repetition at camp pays off, which we would expect it to. Manningham and Nicks have loads of upside and the only question is whether the timing is going to be this year or not. So relax, something will stick. And just maybe a lot more than something.