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NFL, and Giants’ post-clinic numbers

1) Poetic Justice: Dre Bly, down 35-10, showboating after an INT, 2 seconds later gets stripped of the ball so that Atlanta can recover the fumble and regain possession.  LMAO, what a jerk!  Singletary should bench him for the next game.  (Let’s see if he does.)  Daryl Johnston ripped him and even corrected himself, saying that you shouldn’t even be showboating when you cross the goal line either.

2) As for more class in the NFL, how about the personal foul Ray Lewis took for leaving his feet and trying to take the head of Ocho Cinco off?  That 15 yarder may have very well cost the Ravens the game.

3) Ever hear of a guy named Austin Collie?  He’s rookie WR who plays for the Colts, got 0 receptions in W1, 1 in W2, 3 in W3, 6 in W4, and last night 8 receptions for 97 yds and 2 TDs.  Not bad for a rookie.  Referencing Collie, Al Michaels praised the personnel department of Indianapolis about the players they brought in.  The Colts certainly deserve the props for getting this no-name WR flying well under the radar, but where did you hear about him first?  Try Thursday April 16, 2009, 10 days before the draft, when this second day receiver was highlighted by none other than Wonder.  The Colts took him near the end of Round #4. 

4) Ahmad Bradshaw is 5th in the league with 375 yards on 58 carries.
Brandon Jacobs is 9th in the league with 355 yards on 100 carries.
Is it time to start Bradshaw?

5) The Giants are #1 in the league in team defense.
The Giants are #2 in the league in team offense.
Eli Manning is the #2 rated passer in the league.
Steve Smith is the #1 WR by yardage in the league.
How much of this is a function of the schedule through 5 games?

You probably know my thoughts (yes, a lot) on those two questions, but let’s hear yours as we head toward a date with the Saints this coming weekend.