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Predictions: Giants vs Eagles

Here is my Q and A with Mike Burke of Birdsfan.com.  

My prediction:

Philly comes off of a tough loss against the Falcons. A game they should have won. The Giants have a short week to prepare. Even though they defeated the Rams, the Giants looked nondescript on offense. And the Rams played sloppy. Too many turnovers and did not score touchdowns in the red zone. This game is at the Linc. The Eagles should win easy.

Eagles 45 Giants 10

 UltimateNYGGlenn: Without a doubt, the Giants are limping into Philadelphia.  Already, they have NINE players on IR.  But if the Giants get blown out which I believe will happen, I do not want to hear Coughlin and Reese using the injury excuse.  Yesterday on WFAN, Troy Aikman discussed the Giants with Mike Francesa.  Aikman quoted Bill Parcells about injuries.  “When you have significant injuries and if you are not careful you give players and coaches an excuse.” “If you have an excuse SIX days out of the week, but on the SEVENTH day when you line up and play, all people care about when that game is done, is did you win or did you not.”  

New York Daily News’ Ralph Vacchiano makes his prediction too.

Ralph Vacchiano: I haven’t liked the Giants’ matchup against the Eagles at all over the last few years. I think their team speed and mobile quarterback make them an impossible task for the Giants’ defense. I like the matchup even less when I think about how the Giants’ secondary has played and how beat up the Giants’ offense is. I envision the Eagles scoring a lot in this game. The way the Giants’ play, in their soft, read-and-react zone more often than they should, they’ll give way too much of a cushion to the Eagles’ speedy receivers. It’ll be even worse if Vick is on his game and scrambles around, making Maclin and Jackson (and TE Brent Celek … and WR Steve Smith … and RB LeSean McCoy) even tougher to cover. There will be plenty of big plays for the Eagles’ passing attack. And when the Giants figure out how to contain that, the Eagles can hit them with McCoy, who has been very effective in the first two games. … Meanwhile, without Manningham and a viable third receiver, how are the Giants going to keep up? Hakeem Nicks may see triple coverage. Yes, the Giants will get TE Travis Beckum back, but is he really the savior of this depleted offense? Their best hope will be to run on the Eagles – something they definitely should be able to do. They should run. They should run a lot. And they should run even when it seems obvious that they should pass. That’ll control the clock, move the ball, and keep the Eagles’ weapons off the field. If they do that, my opinion changes. But I’ll believe it when I see it. They’re working against muscle memory with offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride, who always says he wants to run, but always abandons it as soon as he can. The Giants will get behind and that will knock them out of their run-first intentions, and that will be disastrous. I hate picking blowouts in NFC East games, because these division battles have a way of always being close, and always somehow coming down to the final minutes. But as I look objectively at this matchup and the Eagles’ arsenal and the depleted state of the Giants, I just don’t see how that’ll happen this time.
Final Score: Eagles 38, Giants 20

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