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PSL- Part V

PSL Part V – update on sales.

Wake up and smell the coffee. These 4 sections are the dregs. Does it surprise you they are down to the last 5 years remaining on the waitlist?! THERE IS NO WAITLIST ONCE THE SECONDARY MARKET STARTS. Repeating- they are doing their best to make the obligatory contact of the waitlist so they can get to the real people they can fleece, the corporates. They spent all of about 3 minutes on me. It was a single email, I called THEM back, they showed me the website for where the sections were that were still available (the same 4 still available), and they never bothered with another email or a phone call back. They are in a rush to get through these people so that they can get to the corporates before the corporates realize just how bad business is and only buy 2 instead of 4, or buy none instead of 2.

They mispriced Field 3.

They priced the Terrace so cheaply that many oldtimers in the first tier and second tier from the current stadium switched down. When they see how reasonable the seats are in the upper deck, they’ll be happy they paid 4K for 4 seats (or 20K for 4 loges) instead of upwards of 80K.

This is not rocket science. The sections that sold out will have firm demand in the secondary market and the seats that are still unsold now will be underbid, all things being equal. In fact, it should be amusing to see how the secondary market re-equilibrates the Coach’s Club (20K, $700 per game) with Field 1 (20K, $160/game). Somehow I am willing to bet that the seat license for Field 1 will be a more expensive right than Coach’s Club. Any takers of the other side?