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PSLs revisited

Season ticketholders are due for their final installment per the PSL agreement, March 1. 



This blog has been a forum for views on the issue from ownership’s announcement to the organization’s public relations on where PSL sales stand.   My Father addressed a letter in July of 2008 to John Mara, after deliberating for a while upon receiving the organizations announcement on instilling the PSL.  He opened by introducing his relation to the Mara family and as a child who “sat on the (players) bench at the Polo Grounds when he was seven years old” due to the auspices if his (John Mara’s) grandparents.  He quotes Dave Anderson from the New York Times where Anderson “so aptly described Giant fans as the parishioners.”   But in addition, “true Giant fans do not need these amenities; they only love their team, as proven by the (once) long waiting list for season tickets.”  As a result he summarizes a “venue attended only by corporate executives and their client’s who could care less about the N.Y. Football Giants.”  Bottom line, “you (John Mara) have attempted to make loyal Giant fans pay for your mistake in overextending yourself for a new stadium that your fans do not want or need.”  Mr. Mara’s response on August 13, 2008 was “that it was not an easy decision, due to the construction costs, state of the financial markets, and the requirements imposed upon us by our lenders and the NFL.”  Wonder stated very aptly regarding the egos and stupidity of owners and players alike:

“The players, owners, agents, Roger Goodell, DeMaurice Smith, they should all be castrated first and then shot in the head.  Do you have to argue about divvying up $7B dollars?  In this economy?!!  The players would be flipping burgers if they weren’t playing football.  Insane.  And the owners are equally culpable for (building these palatial) stadiums that are trophies to their egos, now to have to finance the excess.”

The irony of “not an easy decision” as many of us have endured an impact from the fallout of the crash of the credit induced U.S. market economy over the last 20+ years.  This new Stadium was certainly a byproduct of those times yet many believe if Wellington was still with us this never would have come occurred.  Since those letters have been mailed to announce a new required Personal Seat Licensing to retain your season tickets the “official” unemployment mark stands at 9.7% and millions of Americans possess homes that are underwater.   In the end can we really reconcile our team with the personal economics faced? Comments are strongly encouraged.

Oh by the way, get your tickets for Mexico vs. Ecuador at the New Meadowlands Stadium here. (PSL holders subsidizing this event?)