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Purple Jesus Preview

The Giants are coming to Purple Jesus.  UltimateNYG NY Giants blog did a Q&A exchange with the Vikings site, Purple Jesus Diaries.  Purple Jesus, for those of you who not have figured it out, is none other than the savior of all Fantasy Football Teams, Adrian Peterson.  Here are our answers to their questions and below is their excellent preview of what we should be looking for in Sunday’s matchup.

1) I’ll feed you this one because everyone else has gone there, so you might as well too- who would you start on Sunday, Favre or Jackson?

Well, I’ve never been a Favre supporter, but I don’t like Jackson at all either. And at this point in our season, you’re not actually starting either guy because you think they’re going to help you get to the playoffs. Personally, I’d start Jackson, because it’s been two years since we’ve seen him start a game. I don’t think he’s very good, but Favre is playing terrible too. I DO think that against a team like the Giants with a massive pass rush that he’s more nimble by default of not being 57 years old. But with that all being said, Favre will still be starting.

2) Is the OL of the Vikings going to show up on Sunday?  Loadholt and McKinnie have been questionable this season.  I have seen Loadholt flat out exposed badly at times.  Pls recap the OL for us and tell us what to expect when they face the Giants vaunted DL.

Yeah, the OL is simply terrible and does not live up to the hype that the major media people want to give them. The Vikings lost their starting RG Anthony Herrera two weeks ago and now have Ryan Cook in his spot. On top of that, last week LG Steve Hutchinson was out too, so they were left in shambles … but then Purple Jesus ran for 3 TDs and over a hundred yards. I think McKinnie has been having one of his better seasons actually, which is saying something if other fans think he’s been playing terrible, and Loadholt is hit or miss on any given day. They do both struggle with aggressive pass rushers who stay low and are quick to the edge, so I’d imagine Tuck and Umenyiora are going to have a field day.

3) Are the Vikings playing for Frazier, their jobs in 2011, or both?  I.e. do they really like playing for him?  Do you like him as your next head coach?
I think it’s both. I’ve heard a lot of the Vikings players on local radio stations talk about how they understand the issues with the CBA and how they may need to play for their jobs right now. I get the sense that the players genuinely like Frazier, too. Whether he’s that good or is just such a breathe of fresh air after Childress is up in the air. I wouldn’t mind seeing him as the next head coach if he can win some of our more difficult upcoming games (including this one!), just to show he has a handle on this coaching thang. Also, the Vikings have a history of not retaining their coordinators who turn into Super Bowl winning coaches (Billick, Tomlinson) and I would shoot myself if that happened again.

4) Zygi Wilf is a NJ guy.  He was actually at my cousin’s wedding party in NYC a while back and that means entirely nothing to our readers.  But when he opened his mouth about considering firing Childress, the head coach’s days were numbered.  Do you like the owner?  Can he bring a title to Minnesota?

You have to keep in mind that our previous owner was Red McCombs, a slick talking Texan that traded Randy Moss (who we all love regardless of on and off the field antics), threatened to move the team hourly, and had a tighter pocket book than Uncle Scrooge. Zygi is very well liked around here (outside of his awkward public speaking moments) and I think if he can’t actually bring a title to MN (it sounds like a pipe dream, really) he’ll try his damndest.

5) Pro Bowl WR Steve Smith looks to be back this Sunday.  Does your secondary have the answers if Smith and Nicks join Manningham on the active roster?

Absolutely not. Our secondary is terrible this season and if the Giants receivers are healthy they should be playing school yard pitch and catch all day long. Look for any receiver matched up on Asher Allen. It will be an instant touchdown.

6) The Giants OL has reserves Beatty and Boothe subbing again for Pro Bowlers Diehl and O’Hara (w Seubert moved over to Center).  Will the Vikings DL be able to pressure/sack Eli Manning?

I would really like to think so. The defense has had their ups and downs this season. When they can get pressure they look like the defense of 2009, but when they have to play honest their defensive backfield gets exposed and BAD. Youth and inexperience on the Giants OL may help the Vikings, as well the home crowd, but I’d be surprised if the DL puts three solid efforts together once this season.

7) Scout the Vikings for us- how do the Giants succeed on offense and defense vs the Purple?

Offensively, spread them out and throw short drop passes. The Vikings defense hasn’t allowed a 100 yard rusher at home since 2006, and as stated, their defensive backfield has injuries, a lack of talent, and a lack of brains. Really, the Vikings have an aging Antoine Winfield … and that’s about it. The safety play is atrocious as well. After you’ve softened them up, a couple of shots down field to put the game away should do the trick.

Defensively, assuming Favre starts, blitz early and often. You’ll easily force his bum shoulder into an interception which you can capitalize on. Otherwise, you always have to be cognizant of stomping Purple Jesus running the ball, but now that Sidney Rice is back and looking healthy, it may open things up for the Vikings offensively. If Favre and Rice connect early a couple of times, it may back the Giants D off enough for them to remain balanced and it will end up being a difficult day for the Giants. Not that I’m really anticipating all of those “Ifs” to happen though …

8) Rice is back and playing well.  How much of a difference does he make? On Sunday vs our porous Cover 2?

Yeah, expanding on Rice more, I didn’t really think his absence would make that big of an impact on the 2010 Vikings, but I was way off. You have to remember, last year was the first year he really started to shine, and so many fans were left wondering if that was just a one year wonder or not. It looks like it may be a real talent there after watching him these last two games. Again, if the Giants can pressure Favre, it’ll be hard for them to connect deep. If Harvin is healthy, he may serve as Favre’s safety outlet on blitzes and then pick up massive YAC, with Rice drawing away coverage. With Rice out this year, the Vikings just haven’t had those opportunities.

9) How much praise are you going to give the Giants for queuing up Shiancoe’s career so that it could lift off when he went to Minnesota?
Well, I’m sure you want me to say all of the praise, but the truth is that we were all ready to cut his ass during his first year and a half here. He couldn’t catch an STD if he was in the porn industry at that point. He didn’t really start to come on until there were about six games left in his second season, and then really exploded with Favre at the helm. He’s been a nice little surprise, though, so thanks for letting him walk. And thanks for getting rid of Shockey too. I can’t stand him regardless of what team he’s on. You’re just more likeable now.

10) Prediction?

As you can probably tell throughout here, I don’t have a whole lot of confidence in the Vikings. Obviously, with this season in mind, it’s for good reason. But under Les Frazier, they’ve looked a bit different. Yes, it’s been against crappy teams (Redskins, Bills), but it’s been a win on the road (which they’ve struggled to do) and kind of a blow out, which seems like such a foreign idea. I think this game comes down to two items:

1. The Giants health. If the receivers are 100% they’ll give the Vikings fits. If the Giants OL can play together well with a bunch of new guys, I don’t think they’ll have any issues handling the Vikings “pressure” or lack thereof.

2. Conversely, if the Giants can pressure Favre in passing situations, especially when the Vikings inevitably get behind and will need to throw, you can force him into turnovers. That should actually be pretty easy to do.

I think it’ll be closer than I actually expect to happen, but the Giants are just a better team this year. I’ll call the game something like 34-28, Giants.  Enjoy!

Thanks Purple Jesus for previewing the Vikes for us.