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Q1 in review

Bloguin Q1 Week 4 review.

1) Giants
Current Ranking #1

Q1 High and Low #1- #1 (Preseason #3)

Q1 Results:
Giants 23 Redskins 17 The lone offensive TD was off an audible by Manning to find Mario Manningham.
Giants 33 Cowboys 31 Eli rescues the team.  Giants defense could not stop Dallas.  Needed a 4-0 Turnover ratio.
Giants 24 Bucs 0 A mostly flawless beating of a team that is very weak.
Giants 27 Chiefs 16 Eli to Smith.  More injuries.

Q1 Recap: Gilbride still is horrible in the red zone, but he is beating up on some bad teams so they win despite him. The rash of injuries continues and this team may lose the season because of players who are unable to stay on the field.  A list of players hurt at one point or another: Boley, Tuck, Canty, Manning, Bradshaw, Boss, Sintim, Dockery, Ross, Phillips, Alford, Kehl, McKenzie, Nicks, Hixon.  On paper this team can win a title, on the field it will not if it does not get healthy.  The amount of depth combined with playing teams 17, 24, 29 and 30 translated into 4 wins.

Areas needed for improvement:
1) Boss/Red Zone 
2) Lawrence Tynes
3) Jacobs in between the tackles (..MOST of the time.. this makes him effective when he DOES bounce out infrequently)
4) Hixon on kickoffs please
5) ANYONE who can fair catch a punt
6) Pocket contain on pass rush, especially Umenyiora
7) More play action
8) Eli throw to Mario Manningham a half second earlier on routes with cuts

Q2 Schedule
vs Oakland (28)
at New Orleans (2)
vs Arizona (19)
at Philadelphia (7)

Rating: Sell
Projected ranking and record: 5, 6-2

Rating Factors:

Offense: B+
Defense: B
Special Teams: C
Coaching: B
Momentum: A
Schedule: F
Injuries: F
Depth: B+

Q2 outlook and beyond:  Every day is a mystery with this team’s injuries.  If the Giants are entirely healthy they win the Super Bowl.  If they are injury-riddled like right now, one would logically expect the team to suffer.  The offense is effective until it reaches the red zone, where OC Kevin Gilbride puts the team into paralysis.  Michael Boley was making the defense come together… without Chris Canty back.  So if this team can have those 2 back then the Giants can do a lot.  Without them, the team is vulnerable.