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“In the end, the Giants got their man back — and at a very good price.”

Only Ben Bernanke can print money.  The rest of us have to earn it.

Yesterday we praised Jerry Reese for being tight on the bidding for Ahmad Bradshaw, that you had to be willing to let him go if he would not accept the Giants’ price.  Obviously the Bengals and Redskins were either not serious enough to pony up the big bucks.  Mike Garafolo: “In the end, the Giants got their man back — and at a very good price.”  There has to be enough money to go around for everyone in order to SIGN everyone.  When you get a player like this at the right price, when you let Burress go in 2011, you can afford to go after one of those OLinemen the Giants cut last week at a reduced rate.  You can afford Steve Smith, whether or not he is physically ready.  

The other piece of big news yesterday is that the Giants gave their blessing for Osi to negotiate a deal with another team.  What does that tell you?  It tells us that The Giants are going to get a #1 draft pick for him if they trade him over.  Cofield was offered a #2 by the Saints last year (if he could agree to a contract), and I would be furious if the Giants get anything less than a #1.  Osi led the team in (11.5) sacks last season.  We better be getting a #1 pick if we lose him.  Pete (and the linked media report) thinks I am incorrect, that the Giants will not get a #1, and that will be one of the reasons why it is wrong to be letting him go

How about a different route, trading a player for Osi?  The Chargers need a pass-rushing DE, they could trade to the Giants Pro Bowl LBer Shaun Phillips.  Oh wait, this is the same Giants team that abhors LBers, so pardon me while I wake up from my foolish dream.    

Separately, after being gone this weekend and posting yesterday, I forgot to note the signings of P Weatherford and QB Carr.  Good moves.

Nobody asked us, but doesn’t it seem odd that the Giants cut Andrews, Seubert and O’Hara and yet there they were at 19 and they went past Castonzo?!!  And they are moving Diehl over to Guard?!!  We’re glad the Gmen believe in Beatty.  As a rookie, he looked the part, but as a second year player we were not convinced.  Still, w McKenzie long in the tooth, it is a little puzzling.  Hey, we were just as puzzled when Reese cut Petitgout, and look how that worked out.  So we do not claim to have the final answer here.  Time will be the only one to tell.  We just ask aloud why this franchise has not given the proper resources to this unit (second only to LBer) while the aging was VERY predictable.