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Ralph Vacchiano is back

Ralph Vacchiano is back and he has given his training camp preview.

Just as interesting, if not more so, is Vacchiano’s 5 issues:
1. “Top of the Heap”- the state of the WRs with Plax and Toomer gone.
2. “Money ball”- the state of the defense after the free agent $ignings of Canty, Bernard, Boley and Brown.
3. “Ahmad’s touches”- Ward’s touches last season were double Bradshaw’s the past two.
4. “Rookie roles”
5. “End of the line”- make or break seasons for Sinorice Moss and Gerris Wilkinson.

The Ultimatenyg 5 issues:
1. LBer LBer LBer
2. Lack of depth at OL
3. Boss touches
4. Hixon on kickoffs
5. Lack of depth at S

Please note that we specifically did not mention WR. Two years ago we did not mention RB despite the fact that everyone and their mother was worried about the loss of Barber. We knew the Giants were loaded at RB. And that happened to be the August where Ryan Grant was traded to the Packers because of the quality overload (normally he gets cut). No, WR is not overloaded. But between Manningham and Moss having a good offseason, Tyree fighting for a roster spot, Nicks showing good hands, Hixon and Smith simply extending their play with more consistency, this will not be the bugaboo everyone worries about. #3, Kevin Boss getting the touches from Gilbride– this is the issue to be concerned about. TE needs to make the PASSING game work. By getting Boss more involved in the passing game, the WRs will have less pressure, less Safeties and more opprtunities. Not to mention helping the crowded box running game.