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Ravens 24 Giants 10

An ugly preseason exhibition for the NY Giants, as the gmen did not look good in their “dress rehearsal” loss to the Ravens.

I taped the game and did not get a chance to see it yet.  The media politely took the Giants to task, as did Bob Popa and Carl Banks on TV at game’s end.

Coughlin admitted his team did not have as much energy as we would expect.  They certainly did not have it in the Preseason Game 1 mirage win vs the Jets. 

Garafolo: The “defense.. took a big step backward.  Fewell’s first unit gave up 17 points and probably should have surrendered more.. That’s not to excuse the Giants’ offense, which only managed three points in the first half..  Tonight’s game (lacking energy) looked a lot like last year at times.”

Vacchiano: The New York Giants were “overmatched.”

Excellent play by Tuck and Webster were sighted.  This blog has been high on both players’ contributions in past years and it is obvious this is not where the Giants questions are.

Pete, fire away, as Vacchiano openly referred to Fewell’s defense as “read and react.”

Without having watched the game, the comments are extremely disturbing and unsettling.

Please take this opportunity to make your assessment of where this team is, what you saw that you liked and what you saw that you did not like.