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Rebound? Directionless?

The Giants have a chance to move to within 1 game of the division lead with a win over Dallas next Sunday.  How many of you truly have a modicum of confidence that they will win, much less be competitive, after what we have witnessed the last month and a half?

There are always signs of teams cracking at the foundation when there is turmoil and questioning on the interior.  From players hinting a lack of confidence in the play calling to Osi barking at his offensive teammates during the recent debacle in Mile High.  Does this bring back memories of the schism between the defensive unit and offensive unit in the Dan Reeves era when the defense was openly barking at the offense?  Jacobs, in response to a question regarding the running game, responded with “we’ve got to go out and do what we’ve got to do and what coach calls.”  Vacchiano interprets this as questioning the coach: “When someone trots out the ‘we’ve got to run the plays that are called’ line, it usually means they’re not happy with the plays that are called.”  To expand upon his point Vacchiano goes back to what Running Back Coach Ingrams stated during the bye week: “that the problem with RB Brandon Jacobs was that he was being asked to run stretch plays and sweeps that he was ill-suited to run.”  Well, how many times did we see those plays run with Jacobs this past Thursday evening?  Vacchiano again adds that “Gilbride seemed surprised by that candid remark and he’s coaching like he doesn’t agree.”  Okay now you have a RB coach and your starting running back questioning your offensive coordinator.  Does this sound like a sign that they are a well disciplined cohesive team that TC preaches? There is a history here with Coughlin, as Tiki and Shockey openly criticized the coaching.

Or has TC lost touch with the team as a whole?  In TC’s presser Friday he “thought the one-point loss to San Diego followed by the victory over Atlanta” was an indication that the Giants “were beginning to ascend right there and build momentum.”  Well how much momentum and fire did they breathe Thursday evening?  Myers, who has never been a supporter of TC, believes that this “shows that Coughlin does not have the same feel for his team that he had two years ago. He has looked lost on the sidelines as he’s been unable to find solutions. He is not reaching his team. It is not responding to him.”  This is a very astute response by Myers and a point that many have hinted openly on this blog for the past week.  Perhaps they’ve lost him and not the other way around?

Saturday Peter gave a great analysis of how a great organization adapts and changes to compete in the “not for long” (NFL) league.  Again this goes back to what was posted last week on the Banks interview with WFAN.  Banks commented on how Barden’s ”way on the field with Coughlin is that you have to understand everything that is expected of a wide receiver.”   Trent Dilfer discussed on Cowherd on ESPN how “Belichick and the Patriots identify the strength and weaknesses of their personnel better that any team in the NFL and do a tremendous job of making sure players are asked only to do things they are good at.”  Both TC and Belichick are Parcells disciples. Which way makes more sense to you?  Reese is drafting talent but the HC clearly doesn’t have a sense or plan on how to utilize these guys in his scheme.  The Patriots draft players with the intent and purpose of utilizing their strengths within their schemes, not benching them until they “understand everything that is expected of” their position.  Many of you can summon a list of neglected talent (..a TE named Boss?).

Finally, here is a list of past TC coordinators: Gilbride OC, Palmer OC, Jauron DC, Capers DC, and Moeller DC, Hufnagel OC, Lewis DC.  How much confidence does this inspire in you with him continuing to head this franchise?