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remember Darren Sharper today

I was there 2 years ago when the Giants fell asleep to the Vikings and lost a game they should have won. Similarly, they play a weaker team once again at home two years later, and Giant veterans are quick to point out that this team is different. But I will remind everyone that two things are still the same:

1) Darren Sharper will still be playing centerfield

2) Eli Manning still telegraphs his passes and does not look off one side of the field
Why do I mention that I was at the game? Because when you are at the game you get to watch what YOU want to watch, not what the camera wants you to watch. And I watched Sharper’s eyes watch Manning’s eyes. He did it all day. You think he got three INTs that day because he was lucky? He got them because he was looking to jump every pass Manning was throwing. It is two years later, and Sharper paid his dues to Manning, kissing his a** and saying how wonderful Manning is with two more years of experience. Two more years of confidence and not getting caught off-guard. But it was what he did not say that got my attention. He did not say ANYTHING about two years less of telegraphed passes. That is because THAT is the SAME ELI. This is a very winnable game for the Giants, and they will need to pass the ball against one of the worst rated pass defenses in the league. Please let me see Manning look off one side of the field to freeze Sharper there! If there is ever a Safety that you must look off, it is Sharper. He has 2 INTs this season in 10 games and has this game penciled in for another. IF YOU HAVE SHOCKEY OR BURRESS ON MAN COVERAGE FOR A DEEP ROUTE AND WANT TO FREEZE THE SAFETY, YOU MUST LOOK OFF SHARPER TO THE OTHER SIDE FIRST. Sharper is 32 years old. He is probably a half-step slower. Don’t give him an extra step this afternoon.

One more thing- did any of you notice how Kitna killed the Lions vs the Packers this past Thursday? He has telegraph-itis too, and was not helping the pass offense one bit. Sharper’s 2 INTs this season? Yep, both were against Kitna.