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Respect for others

I go away for a day and this is how I am rewarded.  I bust my a** for 3 years running this blog, and the grief is not worth it.  I have banned a few commenters.  I took no pleasure in this.  It is only the second time I have had to do this in 3 years.  If you want to find or participate in trash talk, go somewhere else.  When the dialogue is not about the Giants but just incessant back and forth personal attacks, it has to end.

Now let’s talk some more optimism.  Is Cofield a leading indicator on Sheridan? Is Sheridan righting this ship as we speak?  Banks talks about going back to basics and simplifying the coverages when players are (routinely) blowing their assignments.  IF, big IF, if Sheridan can simplify the assignments and Gilbride can STAY WITH the adjustments he has made, it does not have to be too late.  I highly doubt that a Super bowl run is starting here, but it is not impossible and the talent is always there to turn it around.  Banks has been clear on that one.