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Roger Goodell’s Comedy of Errors Continues


What is the job of the NFL Commissioner? 

Is it to “work for the NFL owners?” 

We keep hearing this nonsense on radio. 

Of course Roger Goodell works for the owners, and the owners sign his check. We all get that. But what is the Commissioner’s charge?  What is he RESPONSIBLE for?

What is his JOB?  

The commissioner represents the owners’ interests in his capacity to promote the advancement of the National Football League. In short, he gets paid to be the steward for the game of professional football.

Time and again, Roger Goodell has failed to execute his charge. He is a weak commissioner who placates his bosses. As a result, ironically he does not stand up for the NFL’s best interests or that of the sport. Examples of how this is manifested have been chronicled on this NY Giants blog many times. 

Among them are—

…not respecting the premium tier customerthe one who attends the game in person.

allowing a lockout of players to go on for many months and weakening the quality of the 2011 season.

…promoting an 18 game schedule, despite championing "player safety" week in and week out.

And now the latest black eye for the NFL—

…standing idly by while the owners blow yet another labor battle. Everyone in America was in horror as yet another poor referee’s call determined the outcome of a Monday night contest. Before the season we warned everyone that the (via Bill Walsh) 20% of football that is luck was going to be 25% thanks to the madness. Tell that to the Packers.

So here we watch as the skill and preparation of the game become secondary to the madness of the lingerie officials. 

Are replacement referees in the best interests of the owners? Can the money that the owners are saving by taking a hard line in this negotiation really worth the abandonment of the integrity of the competition between players? Sadly, it may be the death of the NFL by a thousand cuts. And Roger Goodell, the weak commissioner, watches as the owners save a few bucks and once again undermine their own product.


Steve Young and Trent Dilfer have echoed similar sentiments for the past two weeks: