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Metrodome Roof Collapses, Phil Simms

Early reports (we will update the link) have the Metrodome roof collapsed.  Do they move the game to the Meadowlands?  Stay tuned.  UPDATE FROM NFL: MONDAY 720PM ET at DETROIT.

Phil Simms spoke with Mike Francesa on WFAN on Sunday Morning.

1) NE-CHI.  Wind will be there. 20-30 mph winds, 19 degrees w/o the windchill.  Quality of field is terrible.  Resodded field.  The Bears take chances.  They are not an exotic defense.  Tampa2 some of the time.  There are holes in the Tampa2, and the Patriots have a QB who can find those holes.  Julius Peppers and Brian Urlacher are the two forces that have to be accounted for.  “Peppers is as athletic at DE as any I have seen.”  The key is to see how the Patriots handle the Peppers rush.  He will get to the QB if the other team does not help with the protection.  Simms went to bat for Cutler, a lot of misconceptions about him.  Cutler can handle the weather elements in Chicago. 

2) NYJ-MIA.  Miami is extremely motivated.  Jets need to do well early to shake off the loss to the Pats.  Simms would NOT blitz Henne, make him make decisions and fit the ball into coverage.  Simms does agree that the Jets’ psyche is a question for the game. 

3) NYG-MIN.  From Showtime: “Giants are getting healthy, going up there, they got embarrassed last year, they are in the playoff hunt, the Minnesota Vikings are not, I am taking the Giants.”  Of note is that both Collinsworth and Sapp are taking the Vikings.  But what if they don’t play in the Metrodome????!!!!