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Round 3 recap

What is the objective in the latter rounds (aka Day 3) of the NFL draft?  Find guys with potential.  If you look at the stats, some don't even make the team as rookies.  Most are gone from the NFL after ~3 years.  You can get a roster spot by sticking on specials, but you won't make the cut after the ~3rd camp if you do not at least show some flashes of being able to be a solid backup.

Enter the 2013 draft, and we are looking for potential.  Low risk.  High reward.  The Giants did great with the R4 selection and got exactly that- QB Ryan Nassib is the right player at the right spot.  If the Giants took him earlier, it would have been too costly, as the real estate in that zip code makes the price too expensive.  Here in the 4th Round, if it does not work, next.  But if it works out, the possibilities are GI-normous.  Because of the situation with Eli, the Giants have the luxury of grooming this kid.  They have TIME. They can develop him. 

Trent Dilfer points out a mechanical issue in his throwing motion- this is the stuff that can fixed.  How did Aaron Rodgers become a great QB?  His mechanics were worked on once he became a Packer and Phil Simms barely recognized the pro Rodgers from the college Rodgers.  So think of Ryan Nassib as an open canvas that the Giants coaches can paint on. 

What is truly exciting is that Nassib has the intangibles.  He is tough.  He is natural leader.  So he has a tremendous amount of potential.  And because Eli is healthy right now, you can slide him in as your backup and hopefully he learns the system properly.  Eli is a great teammate and teacher too.  It is an incredible opportunity for Nassib.  Because of this guy's character, I think that he can make the most out of the situation.  We are as objective as we can be about Reese, so here he deserves a great deal of credit for trying to build a link from Eli to the future.  This is precisely what good managers do- they don't make an organization all about themselves or one player, they develop staff that can make it about the team.  So let's hope Eli can stay healthy and play until he is 40.  But if he cannot, maybe there is the potential to have the NY Giants' next starting QB.

In R5 the Giants selected Cooper Taylor.  He is listed a (big) Safety so he may be converted to a smaller LBer.  Wonder says this is a project, but that he does have a little bit of upside.  Let's see what he can deliver.  A guy like this certainly will have an opportunity to make a name for himself on specials. 

The R7 picks (225 and 253 compensatory) have not been picked yet.  We will share some notes on them later.