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Seattle Preview

1) Perhaps the biggest thing in the Giants’ favor is the fact that BOTH teams are coming off a bye.
2) With Seattle 1-2, they will be a little bit more ornery and cannot afford to lose the game. How much urgency do the Giants bring to this game to counter the urgency of a team that will be severely punished for losing? In the team’s recent past, the Giants have NOT had urgency at home.
3) Bobby Engram and Deion Branch will be back for this game.
4) Plaxico Burress will not.
5) The Giants won’t be able to hear the crowd noise from Seattle, because it will dissipate somewhere over Montana.

Trying to make predictions in these games is very easy: if the Giants show up and play 60 minutes (Rams) they will win comfortably, if they play footsie w/o urgency (Bengals, second half vs Skins) they will make the game close and/or lose.